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1 decade ago by Korval

Instead of using XAMMP I'd like to use the lite web server Mongoose ( Unfortunately Mongoose doesn't support PHP. Is there any way to make Mongoose work with Conner Petzold's nodejs module? I honestly haven't had much experience with GitHub scripts. Could someone help me configure Impact to work with nodejs running under Mongoose? It would be much appreciated! :)

By the way here's what Mongoose does:

Mongoose is easy to use web server. It also can be used as embedded web server library to provide web interface to applications. Mongoose executable does not depend on any external library or configuration. If it is copied to any directory and launched from there, it starts to serve that directory on port 8080 (so to access files, go to http://localhost:8080). If some additional config is required - for example, different listening port or IP-based access control, then a mongoose.conf file with respective options can be created in the same directory where executable lives. This makes Mongoose perfect for all sorts of demos, quick tests, file sharing, and Web programming.

1 decade ago by xdissent

Korval, Mongoose can use PHP if you have a CGI enabled PHP binary:

1 decade ago by quidmonkey

If you're using Windows, try WAMP. It's lightweight and features PHP. It's what I use to test my latest builds on my laptop before uploading to the server.
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