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8 years ago by ComitOne

I know impact in general can be used with Nintendo Web Framework for Wii U. Is the twopointfive plugin also compatible?

8 years ago by dominic

Sadly, no. The Nintendo Web Framework does not support WebGL, which twopointfive needs for drawing. Impact itself will work fine, though.

8 years ago by ComitOne

OK, thanks for confirming Dominic.

I'm developing an "On-rails" type game that requires a Point and Shoot type control scheme. The TwoPointFive plugin is wonderful and helping me reach that goal.

But here's my dilemma.

I have a Wii U dev kit and Apple TV.

- On Wii U, the point and shoot type control scheme can easily be achieved with the Wiimote hardware, but the Wii U doesn't support WebGL.

- On the other hand, Apple TV supports WebGL, but the remote doesn't have a magnetometer so the point and shoot control scheme cannot be achieved.

I was searching the forums and found Impact-Pseudo-3D which adds support for a 3D viewport but doesn't use WebGL. So, theoretically it should work on Wii U. The downside is it isn't as robust as TwoPointFive, as I imagine the developer didn't spend too much time getting it perfect.

I guess what I'm asking is, would it be worth my time trying to adapt the Impact-Pseudo-3D plugin to work in a similar way to TwoPointFive, lighting etc, sans the WebGL implementation. So I/we can get a 3D viewport for Wii U NWF? Another factor is that the Wii U is nearing the end of it's life-cycle, that said, I'm sure NX will probably support NWF in the future.

Are there any reasons for me to not go down that path, maybe, performance limitations etc?

8 years ago by Fravio4

I'm interested in it too, so waiting answer
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