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7 years ago in Super Flipside:

Cool, like it)

7 years ago in need help !:

try to run ejecta in Xcode

7 years ago in Deterministic Game Loop?:

Using this smoothing value, you interpolate the visual transform of the object …

7 years ago in Bug Report: Error Loading Audio After Game Has Started:

Hi, what doing those funktion? var that = this; 82 request.onload = fu…

7 years ago in OUYA gamepad binding:

ok, this part ig.Input.inject({ ouyaButtonDown: function(button) { …

7 years ago in Is there a .ts file available for those who bought the impactjs license:

For an IntelliSense extension to be executed, it needs to be added to the curre…

7 years ago in Impact - is it still worth it?:

Try to do it, thanks)

7 years ago in weltmeister - Not discovering entities in simple example:

Choose to end selection. The editing command you invoked can now be carried out…

7 years ago in Bug? Debug Module Clocks Not Accurate?:

explained please about this function draw: function() { this.parent(); …

7 years ago in twopointfive plugin on Wii u?:

I'm interested in it too, so waiting answer

7 years ago in Looking For Free Game Assets:

Hi, if you need some free graphics for your game, where do you look? Browsing t…