Version 1.3 marks a huge update for Ejecta with many new features and countless bugfixes: In App Purchas API, WebGL, WebSockets, several new events and much more.

With support for Gradients and Patterns, this release also almost completes the Canvas2D API. See the changelog below for all the details.

Thanks to everyone who contributed and reported bugs!

As always, the newest release can be found on the Ejecta project page.


  • Added WebGL support (for an example with three.js see the readme)
  • Added API for In App Purchases
  • Added support for WebSockets
  • Added deviceMotion events
  • Added pagehide, pageshow and resize events
  • Added support for Patterns and Gradients
  • Added getImageDataHD/putImageDataHD
  • Added .style property for Canvas elements, removed old .scaleMode property
  • Added basic support for Video elements
  • Added support for hsl/hsla colors and 140 HTML color names
  • Added CommonJS style require; ejecta.require() has been depracted, use ejecta.include() instead.
  • Support for TypedArrays added in JavaScriptCore
  • Moved Canvas2D to OpenGL ES 2
  • Greatly improved image load times
  • Changed all 2D Canvases to use a backingStoreRatio of 2 by default
  • Simplified the whole file structure of the project
  • Fixed problems when drawing canvases onto themselfs
  • Fixed various issues with drawText()
  • Fixed various issues with path drawing
  • Fixed various multitouch issues
  • Fixed various memory problems
Wednesday, May 29th 2013
Tags: Releases, Ejecta