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1 decade ago by Hareesun

I’m sure this won’t affect a lot of you, but for me most of my games have a different

If you add the below snippet to line 81 of impact / debug / maps-panel.js right before the “// draw the map” comment – you’ll have your custom clearColor behind the tiles in the mini-maps of the debug-panel.

ctx.fillStyle =; ctx.fillRect(0, 0, w, h); // Sets the background of the mini-maps.

Edit: This has been added to Impact 1.18a so I wouldn’t worry about adding this manually unless you don’t want to update for some reason.

1 decade ago by Kxen

A bit off-topic but what exactly is clearColor and for what kind of things do you use it? I don't really understand the explanation in the Docs to be honest (why does it matter what color you clear with when it's never visible?).

1 decade ago by MikeL

I've got a game which has sky in the background so I use a light-blue clearColor to clear the screen. That way I don't have to completely fill the screen with background tiles. On my other game, the setting is space, so the background is just the standard black.
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