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1 decade ago by MikeL

I created a utility for designing bezier line types of pathways for use within Impact. You can try it on-line. Hit 'H' for instructions. (The copy button is down below the canvas.)

You can then use the generated path nodes with your entities together with the plugin.

Plugin and utility code with instructions

This can be useful for your top-down or even side-view flight or space-shooter types of games. It may also be useful for entities in a 'Zelda' type game for following a more complex type of path. Could also be useful for short animated clips or cut scenes.

Fee free to report any bugs, etc.

1 decade ago by Hareesun

This looks amazing. I'm trying to think up ways to use this in the game I'm working on now just for a chance to use it productively. At the moment, I seem to just be using the creator to make faces and stuff. :P

1 decade ago by Ken

Wow! Thanks MikeL. Another great tool and plugin. Very cool.

1 decade ago by davidx

Wow is right! This looks great. Thanks!

One quick question: you say
Optionally include the welmeister library and html file to experiment with the path on your levels.

I have had a look and cannot see any obvious way of attempting this, I am going to have a more in depth look, but if anyone had any tips, I'd appreciate it.



1 decade ago by MikeL

@davidx: Great. Hope you find it useful. At the time I did the write-up, I was thinking that one could essentially create a new merged directory which essentially contains files from both 1) your game and 2) the Bezier path utility. But instead of using your main.js game file, you would use the Bezier path utility's main.js. You would load then load the levels from your game for experimentation.

I haven't actually done that as of yet with a complete or semi-complete game. Let me give it a try and then I can give you better instructions. What sort of game are you working on? It may help if I try it with the general style of your game (i.e. Zelda-like, side-scrolling space shooter, etc.)
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