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1 decade ago by enpu

I just released ImpactPeer.
It's simple two-player PeerJS framework for Impact.

Download / example:

With PeerJS you can make a peer-to-peer connection between browsers.
PeerJS is backed up by UDP and has configurable data reliability.

More info:

1 decade ago by end3r

Please fix the link - it's broken.

1 decade ago by Graphikos

1 decade ago by enpu

Sorry! Link fixed.

1 decade ago by enpu

Example game:


1 decade ago by jazun33

Is it only between two players? Can't you allow for more than that?

1 decade ago by taddeimania

I see you used ember.js in tandem with impact. Mind elaborating how, why, and where you found it useful?

We use some ember at work and i've always wondered to what capacity i'd be able to use it with games.
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