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10 years ago by enpu

Now you can use Pixi.js and Spine with Impact:

10 years ago by Neeko

I'm just curious what are the benefits of using Pixi.js? Is it just a faster sprite renderer?

10 years ago by Graphikos

Pixi.js is an HTML5 renderer for 2D that uses WebGL but will fallback to Canvas2D if WebGL is not supported.

10 years ago by laborin

Hi. I suppose that using this renderer jumps the performance to the sky in web games, but what about ejecta games? I think ejecta is already rendering with opengl.

9 years ago by Seeders

Your link is dead :(

9 years ago by Seeders

Well I found another copy of your pixi js plugin, but unfortunately i just get a black screen with no errors. :-/

I am doing some unorthodox things though, such as multiple canvases. I had to modify your ig.system.init injection with:

this.canvas = this.renderer.view;
this.canvasfg = ig.$(canvasId + 'fg');
this.canvasmap = ig.$(canvasId + 'map');
this.canvasmapfg = ig.$(canvasId + 'mapfg');
this.canvasfog = ig.$(canvasId + 'fog');
this.canvasblood = ig.$(canvasId + 'blood');
this.canvasterrain = ig.$(canvasId + 'terrain');
this.canvasterrainfg = ig.$(canvasId + 'terrainfg');
this.contextfg = this.canvasfg.getContext('2d');
this.contextmap = this.canvasmap.getContext('2d');
this.contextmapfg = this.canvasmapfg.getContext('2d');
this.contextfog = this.canvasfog.getContext('2d');
this.contextterrain = this.canvasterrain.getContext('2d');
this.contextblood = this.canvasblood.getContext('2d');
this.contextterrainfg = this.canvasterrainfg.getContext('2d');

one thing I don't understand is why you are leaving ig.system.context as null?
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