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10 years ago by Ash_Blue

So, after realizing that the large scale single player RPG I'm working on has to be in a NodeJS environment for testing, compiling, CMS integration, etc. I've been moving over all the ImpactJS code into NodeJS from PHP. Using requireJS and Grunt instead of the current ImpactJS loading module (everything except the editor as I'm using a custom solution). It provides advanced compiling features and extremely granular control over the code.

Is anybody out there interested in how I'm doing this? If so I can put together a video as I'm fairly certain there aren't any resources out there on how to do it. I'm about halfway through moving everything over and getting it to work (hopefully will be done in the next week or two).

NOTE: If you have an ImpactJS to NodeJS solution you're using please share below.

PS Would love to share the source of the NodeJS version for Impact I'm working on, but it would violate the license on ImpactJS (which isn't cool)

10 years ago by Joncom

Hey Ash_Blue. Not sure how you're going about it, but this way has been working very well for me so far:

Is your method similar?

10 years ago by Ash_Blue

@Joncom very cool, catch is I need requireJS and Grunt so I can manipulate the game's data at compile time. Mainly for creating more optimized distributions of our existing code base.

10 years ago by mimik

sounds interesting let me se what you got going on

10 years ago by stillen

Put me on the Video waiting list

10 years ago by Ash_Blue

I've got everything running in require for the game engine (wasn't too bad, mainly had to go through and revise all the wrappers with require syntax). Working on getting an editor to play nicely with it. Once I've verified everything is running great will post a video.

10 years ago by Joncom

@Ash_Blue: You say the catch is that you need "requireJS" and "Grunt". Since it's NodeJS we're talking about, I don't see how that's a catch at all. All you do is require whatever NodeJS modules you want... How is this a catch?

10 years ago by Ash_Blue

@Joncom Catch as in I had to convert all the ImpactJS loading functionality over to requireJS. Was a little tricky in a few places, but not as bad as you'd think.

10 years ago by Joncom


Now you've got me curious how did you that.

There's been a feature request for exactly that.
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