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1 decade ago by fugufish

saw the news on TechCrunch: appMobi has acquired TapJS. Congrats Ken!


any plans for the future? (of TapJS and yourself)

1 decade ago by TObe

Awesome! Congrats Ken!

1 decade ago by stratman05

TapJS and Ken are on board at AppMobi. now He was just down here at headquarters with us going over some TapJS backend stuff.

TapJS won't be abandoned. We've got a ton of plans on expanding it all around. The best part is now it's not just a "side" project for Ken.

1 decade ago by Ken

Ha! Thanks everyone! I did not want to say anything until it was officially released. I know I've been kind of quiet on the boards here and I apologize. It's been a busy couple of weeks for myself.

@fugufish - Yes, now that TapJS is becoming more a part of the appMobi platform and service, more time and effort will be spent building out new features, making it even easier to use and coming up with more cool ideas for it. As for plans for myself, well I am very excited to be on the appMobi team and now get to be a part of some really cool and fun projects. Yay for me ;) It's no secret that I really liked the service before I met any of the team (just check my older posts), and now that I did get a chance to meet the guys, I like it even more. :)

So yeah, very exciting times are ahead.

1 decade ago by axphin

@Ken - I created an account on TapJS to hopefully use when I get something up and running. You had mentioned that if you create an account now, then when paid accounts start registered users get an automatic Pro account for no extra cost. Is this still the plan? Just curious.

1 decade ago by Ken

@axphin, Honestly at this point early on, I do not know exactly what new paid features will be added to TapJS or how the tiers will be broken up. What I do know for certain, is there will be more features added and cooler features now that is a part of appMobi then before.

However if you are referring to the Pro features that I had mentioned I was thinking about in the previous forum post, some of those are already in the system and will stay free so no worries. :) When I made that post, I did not have any official pro/free plans drafted. I was just hoping to get some feedback to my ideas from the dev community here.

1 decade ago by BFresh

Wow, awesome news! Using both tapjs and appmobi has been on my todo list. Now I can cut it down to one!
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