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1 decade ago by jaygarcia


Any thoughts on using something like PHP BB or vBulletin for your forums? Those apps have a lot of support and it would make the forums a lot more usable.

1 decade ago by StarFlight

That's will be nice. IMO, I found the forum less attractive as well but mostly unfriendly. It will be nice to have a forum which is more user friendly. For example, Sierra has good one for their Construct software making it a friendlier community. phpBB is freeand can be easily installed . Added a shoutbox mod, it will be much nicer than this one.

1 decade ago by fugufish

the way the forum runs now, i think it's perfect and easy. No point in a phpBB system when we're all quasi-hackers who understand how to interpret the comments here.

1 decade ago by alexandre

+1 fugufish

+ I would rather see dominic focus on impactjs & improvements than this forum.

1 decade ago by alexandre

Although what I think would be nice would be a search field for the docs. Less important now that I'm familiar with impact, but would have been quite helpful when I started out with the engine.

1 decade ago by diligent

If there was to be an upgrade, I'd like to see something similar to Stackoverflow.

But to be honest, I think that there is no need to do that. This forum works well as it is.

1 decade ago by Graphikos

I think the forum in its simplicity is fine. I have been considering putting a Q/A system such as Stack overflow over at Might be a good way to organize some of the more common questions with Impact. If people would use it I'd be more than happy to get it up and running.

That's actually the main reason I created POIJS in the first place... to supplement things that the official site doesn't do for developers and let Dominic focus on the engine.

@alexandre, documentation is searchable over at POIJS.

1 decade ago by alexandre

documentation is searchable over at POIJS.

I had forgotten that. Thanks.

1 decade ago by hurik

i think a forum with more features would be nice.

here some examples why:
- a usergroup for people who bought impact. there you could post examples as a whole package. only people which have the rights can download it.
- i like point of impact but i like it when everything is in one place. there could be forum for examples, entities, plugins, ...
- dominic could be more focused to impact. he finds someone which could be the admin and some other mods, and so he mustn't put to much time in it. spam would be deleted fast, there would be more structure in the whole thing.
- a q&a forum or faqs, for common questions.
- new forums have a lot of nice features, which come handy. why invest time to reinvent the wheel. with prefix and a nice search engine you can find a solution for your problem or a plugin very fast.
- a private message system. so you can have contact to other members very fast.

and a lot other features ... there a a lot of nice opensource boards like

i think there a lot of good arguments for a new forum ...

1 decade ago by fugufish

the private messaging system is a badly needed feature.

1 decade ago by hurik

edit: i can't read ...

- user profil

1 decade ago by wilson

I would also vote for an established discussion board software like phpbb or the likes. The forum as is kinda works, but is hard to consume compared to more mature boards. I also agree that dominic shouldn't spend his valuable time on it, as there are good solutions available for free and ready to go.
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