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1 decade ago by fugufish

I use this

works like a charm, lets me keep up on the posts on the dot!

1 decade ago by Hareesun

I have the RSS feed as a bookmark in Safari which i keep in the Bookmark Bar so I just hit CMD+1 to bring it up. Safari’s RSS reader works fine for me. :)

1 decade ago by TylerAppmobi

On my android device I have a basic widget that you can point to any RSS feed.
Keeps me up to date even whilst on the go :D

1 decade ago by fugufish

sweet! @Tyler sent u an email

1 decade ago by TylerAppmobi

sorry, we were testing yesterday with iPad2, I'm halfway done the response email. Good news inside!

1 decade ago by Snowleopard

I wish there was a "Monitor this post" button on each forum page, to be emailed of follow ups to a thread. And also if there was a subscribe by email to forums option in the user profile that would be super helpful too. It would probably do a lot to help build participation with the impact community of developers, since right now we have little way of knowing if people follow up on posts. At this point I'm not sure how big the team of developers working for impact is though, or if they have the bandwidth for that kind of thing.

1 decade ago by alexandre

I subscribed to the newsfeed for this forum and so far it's been easy to monitor everything. Have you tried that?

1 decade ago by diligent

I added the RSS feed (add the bottom of this page) to my google reader.
Never miss a post now!

1 decade ago by Graphikos for a good overview of recent posts.

1 decade ago by Snowleopard

guess I was hoping for a email option, but you're right, I'll just start using an rss reader again. the ability to monitor an individual post by email would still be helpful though.
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