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10 years ago by toma

After having gotten very thorough help from the community (From Apiheld, drhayes, Joncom, and many others) got me thinking.

I want to make games, but I continue to struggle to break the barrier between OOP theory and practice.

I would love to see an OOP cookbook using ImpactJS as the framework for examples. Something to the affect of Learn "OO Design using Impact.JS".

I know there are two Impact.JS books on the market, and they are good, but I think this one would be unique.

I cannot speak for everyone, but if some of the gurus on this board got together to create an eBook or print book, you would totally get funding from me if a Kickstarter campaign were launched.

Just a thought.

10 years ago by stahlmanDesign

I'd like to see some better online tutorials, examples of how to make plugins and how to inject as opposed to using inheritance.

If I have time I'd like to make some of these tutorials myself, but I have more to learn than to teach.

Often it's not about doing something amazing. It's about making good demos and examples that others can easily see how to use in their own games. There are a lot of things that once you learn, you assume everyone else knows how to do it.

Even experienced programmers can benefit from basic examples because they may not be used to how it's done in Javascript.

10 years ago by Joncom

Quote from stahlmanDesign
I'd like to see ... examples of ... how to inject as opposed to using inheritance.
What beyond the documented example would you want to see?

10 years ago by RockLeo

I'd help a kickstarted too.

10 years ago by stahlmanDesign

@Joncom I thought it was a general way of doing something in Javascript, I didn't realize it was Impact-specific, and therefore in the docs. Thanks.

10 years ago by nightbyter

Hey to all,
Hey Joncom,
i would love to see more detailed sample for box2d using ur box2d-sugar.
I have done a marble maze in Impactjs, which i could add to a tutorial series.
Right now i am looking into the spline plugin.


10 years ago by drhayes

Re: inject vs. inheritance...

It might be worth talking a bit about why you'd want one vs. the other; the "why" instead of the "how", though.

Like, I find inheritance to be overused a lot of the time – I care a lot more about what the class can do that what it is, if that makes sense.

10 years ago by Apiheld

Actually, I was thinking about writing a few more in-depth tutorials about Impact.js the other day. Not sure if it'd be enough for a book or if I even have the skills to do so. But thanks a lot for this thread, because I didn't know that there was demand for something like it and now I feel more motivated to write stuff.

I'll probably work on something over the weekend or at the beginning of next week and let you know how it goes.

10 years ago by toma

That would be amazing Apiheld!

10 years ago by Apiheld

Didn't have that much time yet, but do you guys know this site?

I think it describes a few concepts pretty well, although it requires a bit of work to translate it to Impact.js
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