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1 decade ago by Ken

Hey, So I've been building a little JS game hosting platform that allows someone building JS games to easily integrate with things like leaderboards, badges, db data storage, facebook wall posts, etc...

I am building it because I wanted these features for my games and will be making it freely available for anyone else to use as well.

I am planning on launching it Monday 2011/03/07, so I still have some last minute work to do and content to write on the site, but I would appreciate any feedback.

Things like:
1.) Is this something you find interesting and would you consider using it?
2.) If so, any other features you would like to see available?
3.) Do the docs currently on the site make sense?

This site is at

Thank you kindly

1 decade ago by TObe

I like it! :D

Can I make groups? For example: I make some game, then I would like make a group where only the people that I chose could use the game and the features of tapjs, badges, leaderboards, etc. Maybe some time before I would like to make another group to access the same game and have group statistics and the same for the entire number of people within both or n groups.

1 decade ago by Hareesun

That looks awesomely handy! Can't wait to try it out! :)

1 decade ago by MyShuitings

Very nice... gaining critical mass of games will be the hard part. I'd also suggest some clauses in your legal mumbo jumbo to the effect of: we will be reviewing all code in your uploads before posting it.... just to cover your bases.

How did you work the logic to seperate the storage values by game? prefacing with a game id to avoid collision of names?

1 decade ago by Ken

Awesome. Thanks for the feedback.

@TObe - Just so I can better understand the groups, you are not talking things like Guilds or anything like that as that sort of logic would be handled in the game. You are looking for something say a Teacher or someone building an educational game might find useful where you have different classes or groups and you want to only allow those students to play the game, but then track which player and group(class) does better. Is that correct? Great idea too. I never thought of that. I'm adding it to the list. Thanks!

@Hareesun - Thanks! I hope it is at least handy, but awesomely handy would be great. :)

@MyShuitings - Yeah with anything we do on the web, getting people to participate is always the hard part. That is why I wanted to make it easy to set up the game as a Facebook app and then tie into the wall posts, etc... This way have a better chance of getting played and spreading. So you can have it both as a standalone and then also the facebook app.

I don't think I can review all the code using the system. I am taking steps to limit the types of code like no server side execution, etc... But especially since most people will minify their games. I will at least check out each game before I give it the OK to be listed in a "Other games you might like" div that developers can choose to turn on or off on your game page to help cross promote each of our games. But I will have some terms about what sorts of games like no "Adult" games, etc...I do want to cover the bases but also don't want to police it. Then I open myself up to other responsibilities.

As for the logic of storing values. The app knows the game and player automatically so you don't need to send any of that via the api and then I just have the player id and game ids stored in the record as well.

1 decade ago by MikeL

Nice Ken! Sent an email to your site.

1 decade ago by Hareesun

Your "no adult" game thing kind bums me out.

Any chance of having a "You need to be registered and old enough to play this game" kinda net? Totally understandable if not though.

Also, if you need help managing etc... I'd be more than happy to help out. :)

1 decade ago by Ken

@Hareesun, well I was meaning no porn games or things like that. If you have a shoot'em up that is one thing. I'm not looking to be moral police. While both can offend some people. I don't want to worry about any legal age issues. :)

Instead of me policing it. I will just have a "report" or "inappropriate" type button that will then let me know and if enough people click it, then it will be removed from the community directory and if it is actually "bad" I'll just stop serving the game.

As for help managing it. I hope that it gets that much traction! That would be great. If it does, I'll take you up on the offer. :)

1 decade ago by TObe

Yeah! I'm referring to the relation Manager-Teachers-Students-(maybe parents) to track progress (individual-group-general) and also administrate the access to games, maybe relate a game with a homework or an electronic document, etc.

1 decade ago by fugufish

can't wait for the demo video!

1 decade ago by BFresh

Email sent!

1 decade ago by Ken

@TObe - Makes total sense. And a nice feature that is not too hard to implement. I'm going to be starting on Analytics this week and I will start specing / deving groups into Tap. I can see others finding it useful as well.

@BFresh - Awesome. Reply on it's way. Love your game and the game site btw. Great work.

1 decade ago by MikeL

If anyone hasn't tried, I'd highly recommend giving Ken's site a try and uploading a game.

I uploaded YOSS:

and Dominic's Drop is there too:

It doesn't take long to get it working (and you already know the site's designer Ken if you need help). It is really easy to get high scores going . My buddy 'AlienKilla' was determined to beat my score and did - for now.

Ken's got the API documentation up and it is well done.

It's a good way to support a fellow Impacter and help ensure the success of HTML5 games.
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