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1 decade ago by lazer

I made a rhythm game for my Februray's One Game a Month submission. Conveniently the theme was sound (found out after I started). I've read a bit of stuff about how Impact is only really good for platformers, but the vast majority of my Impact projects haven't been platformers at all. This is buggy and only really tested in Chrome (to a very limited extent) due to time constraints, but it's functional :)

Blog post:

1 decade ago by SlouchCouch

i played in chrome and it worked great. 10154 points on my first try. The music is really cool too.

Nice job for a #1gam game! Throw some polish in and some more songs and i think it could be a pretty sticky game.

1 decade ago by mLautz

14412 on the first go. I played in chrome as well.

Very cool concept though, it threw me off when the circles started triggering at the same time. Once I got the hang of it though, you could really feel the game syncing in with the rhythm and becoming fairly challenging.

Keep up the good work :D

1 decade ago by lazer

Thanks guys :) I hope to keep polishing this further after the 1GAM challenge (so probably at the beginning of 2014). Until then it's on to the March game - Promiscuous Flea!

1 decade ago by coreysnyder

Nice work. Fun Game. I had trouble with the tutorial. It's kinda finicky how the circles go over the tutorial text. Also I had a hard time focusing on multiple circles at once + the lines. But I'm sure if the game was fun enough that I continued playing that would get easier as I went.

1 decade ago by doobdargent

Even though I'm not bad in English, I don't understand how it works :/
Managed to get a few "good" but I still don't get it.

1 decade ago by lazer

You press the key that it tells you to press when the gray circle reaches each colored guide - this causes you to create your own matching circle that expands while you hold the key, in time with the guide. You release the key when the guide circle begins contracting to contract with it. The goal is to keep your timing of key-presses as in sync as possible with the guides that appear.

1 decade ago by docmarionum1

~13000, and I think about 90% of that was from the space bar. I just couldn't get the timing down for the numbers. Either way, very cool.

1 decade ago by stahlmanDesign

Nice idea. What if the music somehow determined the spawning of circles so that difficulty corresponded tempo, intensity of the music?

1 decade ago by lazer

That would be cool. Right now everything is set manually in an array and I tried to manually increase difficulty and keep it in time to the music, but obviously this isn't perfect (the time constraint meant I had to get a little sloppy). It would be cool if I could find a way to automatically determine the tempo and place the circles that way, but also very difficult because it's not just the start point of the circles that is timed to the rhythm, but the end point as well. I'd have to make sure it doesn't spawn two circles of the same color at once and things like that. It would be the logical next step in improving this, though.

1 decade ago by stahlmanDesign

Maybe instead of analyzing the audio at runtime you could name your files with a beats per minute tag. Then the speed of the expanding circle could somehow be tied to the speed the of song. If a second circle appeared while the first one is not yet dealt with, it would change size at half the BPM until it were the only one left. Just thinking how you could make the music synchronize somehow with the movement of the game objects.

1 decade ago by lazer

The circles are currently synchronized with the music, just badly :) The problem with basing it all on BPM is that the rhythm of the circles is not limited to triggering on beats only. It's manually constructed and the flow is more varied/abstract than that in places.
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