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Grabitty LITE

 by kvisle
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1 decade ago by kvisle

I made an action/puzzler using Impact. It is the first game I've made using this engine, and it's the first game I would call complete.

I'm quite happy with it, it was made in 48 hours as a competition entry for Ludum Dare.

1 decade ago by bitanical

Great game! I really like the concept of turning things upside down. I had fun playing it, but I got stuck on the 8th level; it wouldn't reset for me after I was killed the first time.

1 decade ago by doobdargent

Got absorbed 10minutes. Good job. I got stuck at 11th, but I had a good time.

1 decade ago by drhayes

Nice one! I really like the rotation mechanic (have you seen And Yet It Moves?). I'd love for you to talk about how you did this. Are you literally re-laying out the map? Applying some transform to the image and setting global velocities on your entities?

1 decade ago by kvisle

The rotation is implemented by just rotating the canvas with jquery. Simple CSS-attributes. I patched impact to support gravity in all directions, and I changed that as well.

So, if the browser doesn't support the attributes for rotating DOM-elements by N degrees, the game will appear as if you just move on to different sides without rotating it. (if said browser supports enough features to run impact that is)

1 decade ago by coreysnyder

I was first curious as to how you were rotating the level. Then I saw you were using CSS transforms. That's really cool. You'd have to code it all yourself if you wanted to port it to iOS or Android. Good stuff though. Level 12 was a toughy. I also loved the level where you die like right off the bat. I definitely busted out laughing.

Also, How'd you do your level design. This involves such an abstract way of thinking I don't know if I could sit and draw these out. I think I'd just have to start throwing things in and testing it.

I cheated on level 14 and just booked it for the exit.

Your final level was frustrating... but I couldn't NOT beat it.

1 decade ago by kvisle

I'm glad you liked it :)

The CSS-transforms was an idea I stole from the trailer of Ridiculous Fishing - check out their website and watch it without going into full screen. I just really love the effect - it won me over completely.

I did the level design by just throwing a few concepts in there, and trying to make them fit. It worked out pretty well. What didn't work out as well is that I may have had a big steep in difficulty at level 9; A few medium difficulty levels would have done the trick.

The feedback I've gotten motivates me to port this thing to C++, make it really polished, and prepare it for the different app stores.

1 decade ago by coreysnyder

If you DONT want to port it to C++, you can run ImpactJS games on iOS. I have 1 game already in the App Store and a second in review as we speak.

1 decade ago by kvisle

I am aware of that option, and it looks interesting.

But since I don't personally own any IOS-devices at the time (nor a working Mac), I believe I'll do Android first. I figure that if I write code that is GLES2-compatible, I can reuse this on all the platforms I care about supporting. I'm also fond of OpenGL and shaders, so enabling me to utilize this is only a good thing.

1 decade ago by c0nfus3d1

I like the concept. A challenging, yet fun game. Nice work!

1 decade ago by kvisle

Updated the name and the link, as I've made an updated version of the game.

Now has music, 40 levels (it had 15 before), some bugfixes and balances overall; It also has a bossfight!
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