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 by berad
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1 decade ago by berad is an educational puzzle game that challenges kids and adults to tackle complex logic problems while teaching valuable programming concepts. Using simple commands (and eventually code), players program their bots to navigate through progressively challenging mazes. As their skills improve, players earn rewards by using the fewest number of commands and go head-to-head with friends in programming tournaments.

It's smart. It's fun. is all about helping players develop and maintain strong logic and spatial reasoning skills that will benefit them for a lifetime.

1 decade ago by svenanders

Needs code to play...

1 decade ago by dominic

It's quite a nice game actually; reminded me of the Robot Turtles board game, though this one probably came earlier.

However, the email signup thing annoyed me a bit. Maybe provide one or two demo levels, so you can see what the game is about, before asking for the user's email!?

1 decade ago by berad

Hey Guys,

Thanks for the feedback! We're looking at removing the email requirement. We had the requirement there because we wanted to be able to contact our users for our Kickstarter campaign and get some info on a basic level of the types of users that are playing the game, age ranges, etc... We just launched our Kickstarter Campaign (, so we're looking at relaxing the email requirement to let people get straight into playing the game, and will eventually just make the email component be optional in order to track game completion progress, high scores, and upgrades.


1 decade ago by Joncom

There are other ways you can track stats. For example, use localStorage to save game progress and some random user ID. Whenever the player completes a level, shoot a message back to your server saying so.

1 decade ago by berad

Joncom - thanks for the feedback. I actually already have the game setup to shoot an AJAX call to the server to record time, stars, score, program used to complete the level, and the user's code if they have entered one. I do have plans for localStorage as well, just haven't had time to implement. The AJAX call along with code will allow players to track all their previous level data across devices (one of the limitations obviously of relying solely on localstorage), and is already being captured, we just need to add user account management things like passwords, account profile information, etc... As soon as that stuff is implemented, players will be able to retroactively evaluate their progress, assuming of course they signed up.

For reference, if you really hate me and the idea of providing an email address, choose the "Player" -> "Younger than 13" option and it will skip the email requirement all together and take you straight to the game (alternatively, just enter a fake email address and it will redirect you to the game after signing up, but you won't be able to use the code since it's sent via email). I'm planning to put in a button that says "no thanks, just take me to the game" soon, I just have a lot of client work that I've been doing in addition to running our Kickstarter campaign, so frankly I just haven't had as much time as I'd like to get these things in.

1 decade ago by Joncom

a "no thanks, just take me to the game" feature...
That sounds great :)
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