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Galaxy Conquest

 by rvdleun
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1 decade ago by rvdleun


Basically, a very simple strategy game I originally made in J2ME, and now rebuilt in ImpactJS to learn how to work with it. I wanted a project that I'm familiar with and had easy access to assets to, hence why I decided to build it. I suppose I'm not really making use of the full range of what ImpactJS has to offer, but it did make building the game a lot easier for me.

Overall, I will admit that it's a very simple strategy game that is more focused on lucky than actual planning, but it was a fun project to learn how ImpactJS works.

1 decade ago by Graphikos

Cool game. Mostly luck, sure... but still fun. I played a few rounds. Game and controls were intuitive enough that I didn't have to refer the the instructions.

1 decade ago by MikeL

Neat little game. I had thought a Risk in space sort of game would be neat to play. Will try some more!

1 decade ago by ryan

I like this game. Looks like there's lots you can do with it if you wanted too.

1 decade ago by rvdleun

Thanks for the feedback, everyone. :)

I've been tinkering some more on this project, and it's now also playable in the Android and the iPhone browser. If you have one of those devices and want to give it a look, please point your mobile browser to

1 decade ago by TylerAppmobi

Looks great on an iPhone 3GS running iOS version 4.3.2 !

I found myself playing the game for 20 minutes when I just wanted to test it quick.

i.e. Great addicting game :D

1 decade ago by OMATASE

Wow that is addicting!

1 decade ago by Naitsab

Nice game
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