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1 decade ago by amat


I leave my new Impact videogame,

Memory Quest

Memory Quest Chrome App


1 decade ago by fugufish

@amat awesome graphics

could you elaborate on how you made the inventory system? I think it's one of the best I've seen in an Impact game so far

1 decade ago by diligent

I found moving from one room to another to be frustrating, if you are out by even a little bit you won't be able to walk into the next room.
Game looks really nice and were it not for the problem mentioned above I would have kept playing it quite happily.

1 decade ago by delly

nice twist for a memory matching game :D

- i kinda agree with diligent that the some passage is bit too narrow,
especially when it's right in the middle of the wall.
for example on the 1st level, moving from left to right to a room with a plant, and
from right to left to a room with a barrel, i have to align my character several times to fit the passage.

- I wish you can move with Arrow key too :P

- Isn't it suppose to be "Werewolf" instead of "Warewolf" ?

- So far (after 3rd level) i don't see any need for the fog of war (that black tile covering the map),
i thought you can just show the whole map and it won't make any different in term of the gameplay.
But i dunno, maybe on the higher level it will bring some kind of strategy element ?
kinda neat looking though...

- After playing as far as 3rd level, moving is a bit of a chore,
i want him to run :P

nice game overall :D

1 decade ago by stahlmanDesign

This is really cool. I agree the fog of war effect is kind of useless for a small level, but it's really cool how you made it work in Impact. I wasn't quite sure what happened at first when I touched a werewolf, but then I figured out it was the memory part. Nice graphics and sound.

1 decade ago by Jerczu

Loving your fog of war man... That's actually something I want to incorporate in my next game...

1 decade ago by fugufish

love it too. would be cool if amat can explain how he did the fog of war.

1 decade ago by amat

Hi guys, thanks for the feedback!

fugufish: To represent the effect of fog, I just created a two dimensional array grid and I pushed an entity (a simple 40x40 black square) with an alpha value of 1.

I did the rest in the update cycle of the entity player and the function distanceTo ().
 for(var i=0;i<14;i++){
            for(var j=0;j<14;j++){
                         var o=,0+i*40,0+j*40);
        for(var n=0;n<this.luz.length;n++){

I hope this helps!

warewolf, warewolf... so sad. I'm gonna change it right now

Cheers :)

1 decade ago by ryan

@amat: love your game. Played to level 4... beat it. as i was cruising to the exit, I hit an error - on line 387 of game.min.js.

// lib/game/entities/barril.js
ig.baked=true;ig.module('game.entities.barril').requires('impact.entity').defines(function(){var o;var ii;var ent=[];var o;var iii;var entpp=[];var iiii;var entshield=[];var pollo;var entpollo=[];EntityBarril=ig.Entity.extend({type:ig.Entity.TYPE.NONE,checkAgainst:ig.Entity.TYPE.A,collides:ig.Entity.COLLIDES.FIXED,offset:{x:0,y:0},size:{x:32,y:32},lobos:[],load:0,zIndex:-99,barril:new ig.Sound('media/sounds/barril.*'),animSheet:new ig.AnimationSheet('media/barril.png',32,32),init:function(x,y,settings){this.parent(x,y,settings);this.addAnim('idle',1,[0]);this.addAnim('abierto',1,[1]);this.currentAnim=this.anims.idle;},update:function(){[0];this.parent();},check:function(other){this.currentAnim=this.anims.abierto;this.load++;var numero=Math.floor(Math.random()*5);if(this.load==1&&>0&&numero==0){;,o.pc[[o.num]].pos.x,o.pc[[o.num]].pos.y);o.num++;ent.push(ii);;;}
if(this.load==1&&>0&&numero==3){;,o.pollosel[o.pollogl[o.numpollo]].pos.x,o.pollosel[o.pollogl[o.numpollo]].pos.y);o.numpollo++;entpollo.push(pollo);;;}}});EntityPocioncura=ig.Entity.extend({type:ig.Entity.TYPE.B,checkAgainst:ig.Entity.TYPE.NONE,collides:ig.Entity.COLLIDES.PASSIVE,size:{x:60,y:60},bole:false,index:0,zIndex:1000,reload:0,font:new ig.Font('media/impactgreen.png'),bebida:new ig.Sound('media/sounds/bebida.*'),animSheet:new ig.AnimationSheet('media/pocioncura.png',60,60),init:function(x,y,settings){this.parent(x,y,settings);this.addAnim('idle',1,[0]);},update:function(){var[0];var[0];var distance=this.distanceTo(n);if(distance<25&&ig.input.pressed('clic')&&(<100)){o.num--;ent[o.num].kill();ent.splice(o.num,1)
game.min.js:387 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'kill' of undefined (repeated 1680 times)

It basically keeps looping the error interminably.

I agree with others that the wall collision is a bit of a nuisance... feels to tight/restrictive. Otherwise, this is my favorite impact game yet. Arkham is a close second.

1 decade ago by ryan

Just to follow up with the bug I found... I was also about to (or did... cant recall) click on a red heal pot.

1 decade ago by gxxaxx


Awesome game. Nice game play. Your graphics are great. Good playability.

As for the error.

I clicked a shield in inventory. It game me a little life.
The shield did not disappear. So I figured. Maybe get a little more life.
Clicked shield a second time. Game froze.
Following error:
entpp[o.numpp] is undefined line 389

This was produced for me, by clicking a shield object a second time. Probably should have been killed after first click.

I think it is the entpp[o.numpp].kill() statement that is exploding.

The small corridor opening are okay, when there is a side wall to use as alignment.
Bump the side wall, get lined up then turn. When the hole is by itself in the middle of the wall with no side walls to align by, it is hard. That is okay. But one of the first turns you have to make in level 1 contains such a wall.

Really brilliant work though. Quite an inspiration in my opinion.


1 decade ago by ryan

Ran into the bug again on line 387: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'kill' of undefined

I was fighting boss troll, clicked a red pot, and bug fired off.

1 decade ago by sunnybubblegum

Hey, great game! Appreciate both the graphic design and the attention to sound.

Just three criticisms.

If I'm walking left or right, I can't start walking up or down unless I come to a stop. It feels rigid and it's distracting. I find this common in a lot of top-down games in development. I can share a solution if you want to change this but are unsure how.

It's difficult getting the player between narrow halls. Especially frustrating if you're trying to escape an enemy in a hurry. I think the reason might be the player's collision size is too big.

I encountered a bug. Just before fighting the troll boss, I clicked on the shield icon and the game froze. In error console: entshield[o.numshield] is undefined, game.min.js, line 393.

Other than that I thought it was very smooth. Engaging and inspiring! Good work!

1 decade ago by onion

Very very good game, it had a professional quality to it
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