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 by netmute
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1 decade ago by netmute


this is another entry I build for OneGameAMonth. I kind of got lucky with the art-style, it just happened ;)

There are several combos. Some quite obvious, and a lot of hidden ones. Each combo gives you points and increases your combo modifier.

After 1000 meters the game is over and your points will be scored. Can you compete against the records in the online leaderboard? ;)

I hope you like it.

1 decade ago by svenanders

Nice work. A little bit disheartening to have the game stop completely when you stumble into things, but otherwise good fun. Didn't many combos, but got to the finish line a couple of time at least ;)

1 decade ago by stahlmanDesign

Really addictive

1 decade ago by c0nfus3d1

I played for a bit... then read there was an end, so I had to get to the end! haha nice

1 decade ago by tomkail

Oh man, really love this game! Any chance of a reset button?
I'd love to see a sequel to this.

1 decade ago by coreysnyder

Very cool 8/10! I had a good time playing this.

1 decade ago by zachstronaut

This is a GEM! I'm a huge fan of BitTripRunner and Canabalt... actually preferring BitTripRunner. Totally reminds me of that. Constructive Crit: Not sure if I'm just bad or if the level design is too random to allow for long stretches of success?

1 decade ago by netmute

Thanks guys! :)

The levels are generated in a way that makes perfect runs possible every time you play. You just need be careful and have good timing :)

1 decade ago by paleozoic

Nice work Netmute, it's a really addictive game.
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