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1 decade ago by doobdargent

I just made a shoot-em-up this month for OneGameAMonth.


There is lot of rooms for improvements but I'd love to get some feedback for now.

1 decade ago by SlouchCouch

Ahh pretty cool. I like the graphics!

feedback: the controls make the ship move too fast so it's difficult to move the ship as precise as many would prefer. Also the stuff shooting at you shoots wicked fast.

Also the canvas is tiny in my browser window. Maybe double the canvas dimensions and boost the system scale up to 2?

it's a very good start for #1gam though!

1 decade ago by doobdargent

Thank you for your feedback! It really means a lot to me.

That's the second time I heard your argument about the ship velocity, I'll slow it down a bit. And yes I agree, the game is a bit hard right now (I had a long day of work and I guess the players paid for it :p).

The canvas should be scaled automatically (onload). If it's not it's because there isn't enough space.
I'm not sure if I can scale it with decimal values (lots of sprites aren't showing properly when I try).

I'm gonna implement your advices ASAP!

EDIT: by the way, so far on 99 plays, only 1 person finished the game. I guess the stats speak the truth :)

1 decade ago by coreysnyder

Is this your first game? Is there a place I can go to see every game you made for every month? I think its a really great idea and a good game! Nice work.

1 decade ago by doobdargent

Thanks a lot corey! It's my 2nd game. You may see the first one at .

By the way, I updated the game and it's much easier now (I think).

1 decade ago by mLautz

I was playing your updated version, and I wasn't having issues with the ships velocity for the most part... except for when I needed to make tiny adjustments. I'm not sure how these types of games are normally implemented but I thought that a very brief period of acceleration might make those minor adjustments easier.

Other than that, good work, I'll have to give it another try right now.

1 decade ago by dungeonmaster

Played for some time now but coudn't manage to get past 1st boss, grrr. Pretty cool, good job!

1 decade ago by doobdargent

Thanks for the feedback you two! A short acceleration is a good idea, I'll try that!

1 decade ago by coreysnyder

A lot of games seem to do a thing where when you first press the move key, it accelerates you very slowly, like a 300MS dead zone. Then after 300MS you move much faster. You could try that, so the user can move quickly, but also make smaller adjustments.

Another cool idea is an alternate key which slows your movement, like SHIFT.

1 decade ago by doobdargent

Uploaded the code here: if it interest anyone. Lot of room for improvements of course ;)
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