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Super Rawr-Type Redux

 by DaveVoyles
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1 decade ago by DaveVoyles

My newest game, Super Rawr-Type Redux is available today, for free!

Also, all of the source code is available.

Just click here, and you can play it in any browser.

1 decade ago by paleozoic

Hey this looks really great David. And thanks for the stuff on pooling. Added to my reading list.

1 decade ago by Apiheld

Pretty decent, I found it more engaging than expected at first and WANTED to finish it.


Hitboxes need some polishing:
- You can move into a shot from above or below without being destroyed
- Some ships have smaller hitboxes than they look like, which feels weird

- A different image for rockets (maybe red?)
- Make it more crisp and less blurry

- Sometimes, if there are multiple suicide bomber enemies and I get hit by one, I respawn and seem to be destroyed again immediately, because it says "2 lives left". But couldn't reproduce reliably.

1 decade ago by Joncom

There seems to be something wrong the the "Instructions" button. It doesn't do anything. Thankfully the game was simple enough to figure out without any. :)
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