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 by dominic
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1 decade ago by dominic

I wanted to participate in Mozilla's Game On contest, but not with Biolab Disaster. So I made a new Game :)

Enjoy Z-Type!

1 decade ago by jminor

Best typing tutor ever!

1 decade ago by StefanVOtt

That game is pretty cool. You gonna release a new tutorial after the contest is over? ;)

1 decade ago by Marco

This game in wonderful, great great graphic, can you done us an tutorial? Please.

1 decade ago by Tas

I love the game and the engine. Can you contact me to discuss an idea?

1 decade ago by lalala

I have a suggestion for this game.

I find it very useful as a typing tutor, but... what if words where part of books?

It would be amazing to type as fast as possible while reading a book!! (One that the user could choose from his/her own ebook library).

I can't speak for everyone but I would pay for something like that, and I'm not the kind of user that is always willing to pay for games.

1 decade ago by gxxaxx

So this is made with impact?

This is a totally fun game. Inspired.

8 years ago by megatrep

This game is so satisfying, the music and sounds, and watching things pop as you type. Can you make a stress relief mode?! where you don't die, and just type to music and watch the words explode??

!! love the game.
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