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1 decade ago by sviudes

I'm going to buy an impactjs license to start developing html5 games for browsers. But before buying it, I want to know if I can create games for Android and iOS, with good performance, and upload to appstores.

I saw different options like ejecta and cocoonjs, but it seems that best option is Intel xdk, right? I would like to know if I can use it for free to create an Android or iOS game, or if I need to pay once, or each year.... I'm not sure about it... Can anybody help me please?

1 decade ago by dominic

Well, Ejecta is free but only works for iOS. Performance is pretty good. For an example see X-Type (AppStore link).

Intels XDK uses Ejecta under the hood - at least on iOS. I'm not sure how they handle other platforms.

I personally haven't worked with CocoonJS other than with my game Biolab Disaster, which turned out really well (using an old beta - I'm sure CocoonJS has advanced quite a bit).

So, of course I'm biased here, but I would suggest Ejecta on iOS and CocoonJS on Android. If you don't want the hassle of multiple frameworks, choose CocoonJS.

1 decade ago by sviudes

Thanks dominic. I'm going to start developing my games using your engine very soon.

1 decade ago by Neeko

I've used CocoonJS to get my ImpactJS game on Android and it worked very well and performance didn't seem to suffer (different games will vary though in that aspect). I'd feel comfortable using it to package an ImpactJS game for the Play store.

1 decade ago by vincentpiel

Does anyone has a hint on the pro/cons of Intel Xdk other CocoonJS ?
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