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10 years ago by Joncom

In Chrome Developer Tools, under the Network tab, I see a whole bunch of lines stating "pending". Here's a screenshot.

Perhaps the audio is not fully loading, and thus I'm getting pending messages, but never "complete"?

Also, does it seem strange that a single file is listed several times?

10 years ago by Joncom

Very strange. Here is some example code which outlines two scenarios:
// This code does not work properly.
// Audio will not play in Chrome. 
// No errors in console.
var test = new ig.Sound('media/audio/track1.*');, 'track1');

// This code works properly.
// Audio plays in Chrome.'media/audio/track1.*', 'track1');

It is strange that this is the case, since the documentation states:
track can be either an instance of ig.Sound or the filename and path to a sound file.

10 years ago by Graphikos

Same issue as this: (w/ solution)

10 years ago by Joncom

Can confirm that the non-working code above does indeed work with Graphikos fix.

10 years ago by fulvio

Both scenarios not working for me. I get that stupid annoying Aw, snap! error message in Chrome.

10 years ago by dominic

Unfortunately, Browsers still aren't very good with HTML5 Audio. Here's an angry rant from two years ago, that's sadly still valid. If you're wondering why files are requested multiple times, read this article.

That said, both examples you posted work for me. Note that adding a track to will not play it. You still have to call afterwards.

Also, you should make sure that the audio files are loaded with the pre-loader and not at runtime. See the example at the very bottom in this article for the details.

@Fulvio: If you have a reliably failing test case, please report the bug to Google. I'm truly sorry, but there's nothing I can do - apart from buying a plane ticket and kick someone's ass at Google's HQ :)

Edit: If this only happens with Ogg Vorbis files, makes sure your webserver returns the right MIME type. See this thread.

10 years ago by fulvio

Looks like the latest version of Chrome has fixed the Aw, snap! issue :)

It's not coming up and I'm on Version 26.0.1410.43 m.
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