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1 decade ago by stillen

I'm working on a platformer type of game. When the player die, I want to pop up a mini game, that if successful they get to continue from where they were in the level, if not the get the game over screen.

The mini game would be a separate level. Is it possible to load another level over another, similar to a pushstate is IOS or modal event in Corona, and keep state of the bottom level?

1 decade ago by Joncom

Cool idea. Would be interesting if Impact was modified so that two instances could be run at the same time. In essence, to be able to run two completely different games on the same page, each one using its own canvas element.

Not sure of any easy way to do what you&039;re talking about though. A call to #loadLevel will wipe all the currently loaded entities and map data.

1 decade ago by stillen

Thanks for the reply, maybe I'll just adjust the concept to reload the level from a checkpoint instead.

1 decade ago by tunglxx226

Or you can spawn a whole new level on top of the previous one. Say you spawn a background entity, and everything on top ;). Yeah it sounds like lots of work but it'll solve the case.
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