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1 decade ago by y0ungb0b


I'm new here and was wondering if anyone has tried PubNub to implement multiplayer in any of their Impact games?


1 decade ago by fugufish

wow, never heard of any service that handles back-and-forth connections like PubNub.... thanks for the link!

hmm if I wanted to start multiplayer, I would give isogenic engine a shot, since the function is already built in. Costs some money though.

try PubNub out yourself, and maybe report back to us here? That would be awesome

1 decade ago by y0ungb0b

Hey fugufish, thanks for the link. Ill check it out.

I got PubNub messages sending and receiving no problem, the api is only a handful of calls. I was posting here myself for any feedback by anyone who has used it in a real-world app :)

I was also looking at some source over at the Corona SDK forum that does some lobby/room system that might make a great Impact plugin:
- obviously uses the Corona PubNub api, but the logic is there.

For those interested, theres also a similar looking service called Pusher:
Looks more expensive, much better website though :)

1 decade ago by ianl

Check out this post on Quora — the CEO/Founders of both PubNub and pusher weigh in:


I really like the real-time multi-touch demo. It worked well on the desktop and on my Android phone simultaneously.

1 decade ago by y0ungb0b

Thanks ianl, i'll give that article a look over.

1 decade ago by BlackDolphinMedia

faye on node.js does the same .. and costs nothing if you got infastructure ..

1 decade ago by BlackDolphinMedia

and there are serveral implementations for that on github

1 decade ago by html5grind

Right, and there's also Socket.IO, which tries lots of different connection methods (WebSockets, Flash sockets, XHR polling, etc.) and has a few backends (Node, Python...)

In my experience:

• Socket.IO works best if you're using the NodeJS-based backend. The Python/Tornado backend gave us a lot of trouble but mostly works and is only compatible with Socket.IO < 0.7.

• PubNub seemed to connect and work flawlessly across modern browsers, IE7/8, Android and iOS.

• I couldn't get the example app to work.

• I haven't tried Faye but there's a good discussion on Stack Overflow here.

1 decade ago by StephenLB

ImpactJS + PubNub solution for Multiplayer Games. Learn about it here:

*ImpactJS + PubNub Video: *
*Blog Tutorial Link: *
*GitHub Source Code Link: *

SpriteEntity = ig.PubNubEntity.extend({ ...

Author: Phil Deschane (PubNub Developer Evangelist)

1 decade ago by Jerczu

Apparently tylerappmobi did some work with pubnub

1 decade ago by Kxen

Nice! I'm going to play around with this now.

Thanks a lot.

1 decade ago by TylerAppmobi

I did do some preliminary work with PubNub to see if they were a good solution for mobile HTML5 multi-player. I got a really simple game working but I had a problem with response time ( testing on an iPad 2 with OS 4.3.2 and a computer, I got a 1-5 second delay from button press). After I saw the performance I decided to move onto Pusher (websocket service) as it's faster than HTTP Streaming/Long-Polling.

I did do this all on my free time and would encourage you to see if you can get PubNub working in a better capacity. I need the service to be faster as I'm trying to find a multi-player HTML5 mobile solution and not just a HTML5 solution.

I have gotten a HTML5 chat client working using Pusher on an iPad 2 to an iPhone and a computer, but I haven't had time to convert this example over into making position update calls and create a multi-player game( Not enough free time :/ )

I'll update these forums when I get Pusher working to let you know my findings

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