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1 decade ago by Yu

any example or coding for me to kick start my project?

1 decade ago by Hareesun

You should look at the available source code in the Jump'N'Run demo from your download page.

Also if you're just starting out, it's a good idea to build a game on what you know first. This'll help get you familiar and opens up a window of opportunity for you to learn more.

1 decade ago by fugufish

for a tower defense game using mouse input, you have to develop a system where ALL relevant entities are clickable.

my initial thoughts:

Use the eventListener, and translate the mouse coordinates into the screen coordinates. If the mouse coordinates lands on the entity, you make that entity 'active'.

Upon clicking on a new position, kill the entity from its original position, and spawn the entity in the new position (no dragging effect, but it's a start ).

For dragging, you can 'snap' the entity to the mouse coordinate, which basically means updating the location of the entity with the mouse coordinates.

Think of it like a chess game, where you move the pieces with your mouse.

I'd say, making the entities clickable would be a great start. After that it's all smooth sailing, and you can make 2d scroller tower defenses, as well as top view ones.

my sources of inspiration

platformer: jump and run (dominic), dino needs love (gameJam), Twitapocalypse (dariusK)

shooter: P-Shooter (nefD)

2d rpg style : minidungeon (isowerk), zelda (8bit)

PS: you can find all of them in the Games section

1 decade ago by Yu

after few day of testing I would now agree with Hareesun, although I've the game design of what kind of game I wanted to make; being an artist, I've limitation of coding especially from scratch.

1 decade ago by vincentpiel

Just a small snippet here, to know if the mouse is on the entity :
_mouseInsideEntity: function()
var mouseWorldX = ig.input.mouse.x+,
mouseWorldY = ig.input.mouse.y +;
return mouseWorldX > this.pos.x &&
mouseWorldX < this.pos.x + this.size.x &&
mouseWorldY > this.pos.y &&
mouseWorldY < this.pos.y + this.size.y;
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