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1 decade ago by Karios

Hello! I am developing a game for a third party and I am close to finishing. My question has to do with what my deliverables will consist of. Do I give the whole engine as well as the code I've developed (entities etc.) as source code? Or do I give the whole project as a baked and obfuscated single file and a package with only the stuff I've written for them?
The second option seems much better to me, but this would not allow them to make any changes to the source after I've delivered everything to them, since re-baking would require them to buy ImpactJS themselves.

1 decade ago by jizaymes

Check out this section of the Docs under Baking. It explains what to include and the process involved.

Good luck

1 decade ago by jizaymes


1 decade ago by Karios

Thank you very much for the responses. I was, of course, referring to a baked file as a bare minimum when distributing the game. I was wondering if I had to take the extra step of obfuscating the game.min.js file as well. I will be, of course, removing the original engine and editor files. I was worried that maybe it is too easy to extract the impact engine from the baked file, but then again, I guess that is the nature of HTML5 anyway.

1 decade ago by dominic

Yes, baking is fine.

I've previously stated that someone who want's to get the engine for free, will also be able to. We shouldn't make it too easy for them, but jumping through hoops and obfuscating the source more isn't necessary either.

If your customers wants to be able to modify the source, you can also give it to them un-obfuscated - but please make sure they understand that they are not allowed to use the source/engine for other games than the one you sold to them. I'd also prefer if your customer bakes the source before they publish it.

1 decade ago by Karios

Thanx for the info. This makes sense. just wanted to make sure.
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