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1 decade ago by techmale

I'd like the ability to see some help text for an entitiy when it is selected in Weltmeister.

At the moment, I have to remember what entity attributes need to be set, every time I add an entity.

eg: mover needs target.1 & target.2 etc.

At the moment this is only a minor problem, but I would like to start developing much more complex entities with a lot of configuration attributes. So a reminder would be really useful.

1 decade ago by xdissent

Perhaps we need an Entity property (_wmProperties ?) that allows you to specify a list of properties that need to be set in WM, possibly with preset defaults being pulled from the class definition?

1 decade ago by SpaceHorse

yeayea! WN definitely need some sort of auto help (like IntelliSense in Visual Studio) when u r adding parameters. i dunno exactly how they call it but it should work like u r starting to type a word and a small box appearing with all possible options , so , u don't need to type the whole word till it's end , u can just choose one option from the list. it's faster to create levels this way.

1 decade ago by SpaceHorse

Is it possible to select multiple objects and clone them? (like when you press C for single selected object)

1 decade ago by SpaceHorse

and 2nd question. is it possible to select multiple entities and move them. and - is it possible to select some tiles and move them??

because sometimes i need to move a part of my map but i don't know how. it's not the best way to redraw everything. there should be such option.

1 decade ago by dominic

No, you can't currently select multiple entities at once.

You can however select multiple tiles. Just hold shift and drag a box - these tiles will become your new "brush" that you can't paint anywhere else. This is not exactly "moving", but this "copying" should be good enough!? :)

1 decade ago by SpaceHorse

you mean like i can copy a part of created map?
or it's only about like making a big brush from original tileset?

1 decade ago by SpaceHorse

because like for example today i made a big map and then suddenly realized that i need a sky. i mean a little additional part at the top. but i couldn't create anything. there is a standard solution. that 'd be easy to just select existing tiles and move them down so it will create some extra space at the top.
Or sometimes i need add extra space in some part of map and again the same problem - i can't move created parts of map ><

1 decade ago by SpaceHorse

yeah. now i see that i can copy a part of a map.
it 'd be great if you will add an ability to insert extra space to some place of a level. for example in case when you have to add a sky and you out of space at the top of a map.
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