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1 decade ago by dominic

In case you haven't seen it in the blog already:
Impact Plugin for Wii U is now available.

The Nintendo Web Framework is really solid and supports most HTML5 APIs (haven't missed anything so far). The Canvas rendering performance is excellent - way better than most desktop browsers when drawing lots of images.

I'm currently pimping one of my own games, X-Type, with some more gameplay options and lots of polish to be released in the Nintendo eShop. It's close to completion. I hope to be able to release it at the end of this month!

As I said in the blog post: playing your games on a big ass TV is quite a treat. I hope to see some of your Impact games in the Nintendo eShop :)

1 decade ago by FelipeBudinich


I applied to become an authorized nintendo dev, I hope to get an answer soon :)

1 decade ago by dsims

Sweet! I already had plans to port my game to Wii U. I don't have a dev kit yet, but I'm glad to hear that the performance is great. I just hope websockets work well too.

1 decade ago by taddeimania

I'm pretty jazzed about this, would love to be able to make games for the Wii U :)

1 decade ago by mimik

@dominic great work.
Tried it out it is nice.

Got any tips for handling different sound channels like playing on TV/Gamepad only channels? there was something with the soundcontext in the API docs for nwf.
Maybe we should talk about that in the privat forum.

I like the logic for handling different screens, much easier to use that way then to update the loop manually.


1 decade ago by stillen


I was wondering if you had any success developing on your local computer for testing before testing the game out on the Wii U dev Kit? I know the cost of the dev kit is expensive, especially compared to the actual Wii U, and it would be nice to be able to get the game to like 80% done before investing in the kit.

1 decade ago by dominic

@stillen: yes, absolutely. Getting XType to run on the Wii U with gamepad controls took me about 2 hours. The current Wii U version still works in a browser and I used this a lot to tweak stuff.

There's a lot of fine tuning involved, but developing for browsers first definitely works.

10 years ago by taddeimania

stillen & dominic - thanks for the above comments. I came here looking for exactly this after digging around on the WiiU developer portal.

I think i'd rather have a game fully ready to market and sell before testing on the hardware with that price point.
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