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1 decade ago by netmute

Hey everyone.

I finally managed to cannibalize all reusable parts out of my games and released them as a bunch of plugins on Github.

Originally written by Jesse Freeman. I just cleaned out the non general purpose stuff and wrote documentation.

A simple versioned layer on top of localStorage, to provide persistent storage for gamestates.

Keeps the screen centered on the player, without scrolling over level boundaries. Originally a snippet from this forum. I rewrote parts of it and packaged it as a plugin.

I was looking for a simple library that provided GET and POST helpers. There was none, so I wrote one.

Highscore + Highscore API
A while ago I wrote online leaderboards for a Ludum Dare game of mine. I finally managed to rewrite that stuff to be usable by multiple games, and wrote an impact plugin for it.

I hope some of this is useful for you.


1 decade ago by Graphikos

Good stuff! Be sure to post them over at POIJS also!

1 decade ago by born2bagamer

Awesome stuff netmute! These will definitely save me some time on future projects.

1 decade ago by dungeonmaster

You should begin accepting some donations :)


1 decade ago by vincentpiel

Generous idea !

Did you think about posting them on PointOfImpact ?

1 decade ago by Graphikos

Quote from vincentpiel
Generous idea !

Did you think about posting them on PointOfImpact ?

Most, if not all, are already posted to POIJS.
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