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1 decade ago by Ken

I don't know how I missed this before or if it is new to the Docs, but under the Font section, there is a link to a handy tool I was about to create my own version of it and am so happy I checked that page again. :) So I wanted to post and make sure others knew about it as well.

1 decade ago by fugufish

it's an awesome tool that one

1 decade ago by MobileMark

I missed that too, thanks for the post!

1 decade ago by TheIronSky

That's helpful.

1 decade ago by MikeL

+1 x 10 !

1 decade ago by paularmstrong

That tool has never worked for me--I always get a default serif font instead of the one that I chose. Does it not work on Macs?

1 decade ago by MikeL

Seems to work for me on Mac OS X 10.6.7 with FF4. Make sure to hit the 'generate' button after selecting font specifics.

1 decade ago by paularmstrong

Hrm. Broken in Safari for me (sometimes, might be with particular fonts).

It seems to anti-alias the fonts. Any way to turn that off?

1 decade ago by MikeL

Yes. Click the little red button in Safari and then open Firefox. (Sorry, couldn't resist. My Dad always said that no one likes a wise ass. : > )

1 decade ago by tarrent

Can this be downloaded for offline use? I tried running it offline but the flash get_fonts.swf displays errors and cannot run. I was able to generate only the default arial font. Thanks.

1 decade ago by Heartless49

I love this tool as well, I just really wish it had the ability to use the fonts that I have and would like to use.

I was debating it's offline use, cuz that would be perfect but I think it would work fine, all you would need to do is take out the swf, and include the folder as a reference for the select element.

1 decade ago by Starnut

I'm running into the same issue as paularmstrong: it just displays a standard serif font. Running into this issue on Chrome, Safari and Firefox. But just for some fonts, though I just can't figure out what causes this default display. I guess the answer lies in the way the SWF reads fonts and displays them.

I have a designer using two fonts in his screen design, both TTFs and both won't work. I even rebooted the system (OSX 10.7.4) - no change.

I'll switch over to Windows to give it a shot there since I need that bitmap and am not very fond of crafting it manually. But I expect this to be an issue with the SWF or even Flash itself having trouble reading and properly displaying this font.

Anyone else got any ideas?

1 decade ago by Starnut

It did work in Chrome on Windows 7 so it's gotta be a Mac font - Flash thing.
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