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1 decade ago by lazer

Is anyone else here planning to participate in the One Game a Month challenge? I just registered today. I've been out of the ImpactJS loop for a while since moving to a new country and starting a new job, but am jumping back into it to start on my January game. Will be posting updates on my blog. Anyone else already made (or planning to make) a start?

1 decade ago by Graphikos

Count me in. Sounds like a simple and fun way to stay motivated and knock out some games. Might have to team up on a couple of them over the course of the year.

1 decade ago by lazer

Yeah, I like how relaxed it is - eg you can start early, include Game Jam games, etc. As long as you submit one game a month you get points for it. I'm going to try to focus on tiny games that take no more than a few days to build to juggle with work etc.

1 decade ago by alexandre

doesnt seem easy... all the better reason to try. signed up.

1 decade ago by Joncom

Signed up. Weeee...

1 decade ago by lazer

Great to see some more Impact users taking part :D Please post your progress, I'd love to check out what everyone comes up with each month.

1 decade ago by stuckie

Arcade Badgers will be taking part :)
We've been getting good feedback on Grim's Christmas List for LudumDare, so here's hoping for another twelve awesome games!

1 decade ago by Megalodactyl

I signed up as well! Looking forward to it!

1 decade ago by lazer

Excellent, glad to see quite a few people are planning to take part :)

1 decade ago by Ashkettle

Doing it with my 9yr old son in an effort to teach him how to write code. He's excited and so am I. We have started a blog for it and already have the design for Game 1.

I'll keep everybody posted.

1 decade ago by Graphikos

We've been sharing and discussing our Impact 1GAM projects over at the new (and growing) FB group with a special 1GAM Event.

Come hang out and share what you are working on!
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