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 by Krisjet
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9 years ago by Krisjet

I made this for the Ludum Dare this weekend. Haven't finished a Ludum Dare since the 23rd one, so it was nice to actually get something done this time. Most of the work was done on sunday as I was doing some christmasy things and visiting friends on saturday. As always I would have loved to have a day or two more but I'm pretty happy with the end result!

9 years ago by drhayes

Wow, man. This game is phenomenal. I haven't played through the first level entirely (at work!), but I love the mechanic and I love the art style.

The little touches when you jump and warp are really great, nice level of polish.

9 years ago by Apiheld

Quite nice and well polished. How did you do the tweening of all entites? Care to post your draw function or something?

9 years ago by Krisjet

Thanks guys!

Apiheld: I initially just did some hacking in the Impact engine for the scaling, but looked into making plugins now since you asked and I use the same hack in basically all my projects. I decided to add in my sample 'Bounceable' entity as well, which basically replaces ig.Entity for any object that needs scaling in my projects. It adds squash, stretch and dip functionality, which makes it easier to make juicy and bouncy scaling on your entities.

Plugin available here:
Game source for Collectic (including the plugin, excluding the Impact source files) available here:

9 years ago by dungeonmaster

Very nice game and I'm totally impressed that this is a result of an LD. Are you planning to add more content?

9 years ago by Krisjet

I might use this project as an early prototype for a new project that is still in the planning stages of development. I was generally very happy with the animation and the tunnel-mechanic, and I would like to play around with those features some more. Will post here if anything comes of it :)

9 years ago by fugufish

Loved it. Wow, two great indie material games. Also donated to your project

9 years ago by Joncom

Excellent use of tweening to add subtle yet solid polish to the feel of your game.

9 years ago by Rungo73


How did you get TweenMax to work with Impact?

9 years ago by Krisjet

There's a thread on the forum about how to integrate TweenMax with Impact, just search for TweenMax and you'll find it. Just remember that if you're tweening the position of an object you have to replace this.parent() in your entity's update function with this.currentAnim.update(), so Impacts own update method doesn't overwrite the new positions from the tween.

Also, I rolled my own scaling plugin for scaling the entities, it's still a bit janky though, but I think there are some good ones on
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