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 by Joncom
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1 decade ago by Joncom

Collect the coins, then find the exit.
Avoid the red guys.

Use arrows to move.
Press Space to dig.

1 decade ago by vincentpiel

Nice !!!
I just had a nice time playing with this game. Reminds me a little of an apple II game i played loooong ago in the dusty attic of a friend of mine.
It feels nice to try to fool those evil red guys by ... mmm... no ... i won't spoil the strategy here :-)
Throw some more levels !

1 decade ago by Joncom

Thanks for playing!

1 decade ago by mattTheBro

If you go too far to the right, you go off screen and can't get back.

1 decade ago by stahlmanDesign

@ vincentpiel You're thinking about Lode Runner, a great classic game. This is a good attempt but the action seems kind of slow in its current state.

1 decade ago by Joncom

Quote from mattTheBro
If you go too far to the right, you go off screen and can't get back.
I can't do that. Can you teach me how you did it?

1 decade ago by Danb

Nice Jon!

I like this, does remind me of loderunner a little but that's a good thing in my book :)

Agree with stahlman, more action would be good.

I'd also like to jump the holes I dig but that might break the mechanic a little


1 decade ago by c0nfus3d1

I like what I see here! Nice job!

1 decade ago by aarocka

yay lode runner clone.

10 years ago by Cam247

Are there any new games out there like this

10 years ago by FelipeBudinich

This was very fun :)

10 years ago by MaxDroid

Lode Runner! very nice!
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