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 by netmute
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10 years ago by netmute


this was my January entry for OneGameAMonth. Tell me what you think ;)


10 years ago by c0nfus3d1

I like the concept, but it's rather challenging while drinking... I'll have to try again sober

10 years ago by mdkess

Gameplay wise, I like it a lot - controls well, and is a good balance between challenging and fun.

It needs more style though - add some particles as exhaust (collision mode LITE), and some sounds (check out BFXR if you haven't already), and maybe a background layer.

Overall though great work!

10 years ago by Ardivaba

Level two is too hard.
I am wasted right now so my opinion might be "obeselete" but uhm, you should uhm...increase difficulity littlebit more "slowly".

10 years ago by c0nfus3d1

I got to level 3 and that was it.. I had to restart at least 100 times just to get there! lol I like the game; I just suck at it.

10 years ago by netmute

Level 3 is way easier than it looks. Things are not always what they seem... ;)

A few general things to keep in mind:
- If you touch anything that's not purple, you die.
- Keep an eye on the velocity indicator at the bottom. If one of the bars is red when you touch anything, you die.
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