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You are the Hero

 by Philip
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1 decade ago by Philip

Just finished my Ludum Dare entry.

You can visit the ld entry here:
And play the game here:

1 decade ago by Graphikos

Passage inspired? Loved (with the artifacts/glitches)? Did you just finish watching Day[9] in MetaDating?

Interesting though...

1 decade ago by Joncom

You didn't feel like following the theme?

Edit - Hahaha. Ok I just played through it. Nice one Phillip! ;)

1 decade ago by Philip

@graphikos: Passage absolutely, but i didn't know loved ore MetaDating. Had to play loved, which is a nice little experiment.

@joncom: thanks :)

1 decade ago by coreysnyder

I may have played this multiple times trying not to be the Villain... DOH! Nice work Phillip

1 decade ago by Graphikos

@coreysnyder You aren't alone. I also tried to run through it not killing anyone... I really wanted to be a hero! Actually wait... shouldn't a hero kill all the baddies? ...hmmm

1 decade ago by svenanders

Very nice, fun twist! :D
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