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1 decade ago by nefD

This is a project I've been working on for two weeks or so, mainly to better familiarize myself with Impact. It is a top down, arcade inspired shooter; the game play is vaguely similar to Geometry Wars. It uses all original graphics (shooter graphics are pretty simple for those of us who aren't artistically inclined!), and has some neat features packed in there.

There are currently 5 waves (levels) of enemies, with each one featuring a new enemy type, complete with their own unique behavior. You can upgrade your firepower with power ups, increase your supply of bombs, and even snag 1up's for extra lives. I'm also using storage.js to provide a persistent high score table which is saved to your browser between visits. Dominic's excellent HQX code is being used to apply nice looking upscaling to all graphics.

WASD or Arrow keys to move
Mouse aims, left mouse button shoots
Space releases bomb

1 decade ago by MikeL

Very cool nefD! I really like the movements in particular. The player's ship rotates and animates very smoothly. I like how the ship's aiming direction adjusts as one traverses across the screen. This sinusoidal waves of the enemy ships are very nice. The wavy blue line movement in the background comes across well and is even calming (at least in the begining). Good work!

1 decade ago by nefD

Thanks for the kind words! I ended up using sine's in quite a few places, including enemy movement as well as the background waves. Another thing thats critical to everything from shooting to wave spawning is heavy usage of Timer objects. Timers are pretty much the backbone of this particular game, and almost every entity is using one (most are using more.. the player has three or four, IIRC).

1 decade ago by Ken

I concur with MikeL I really like the sine movements of the enemy ships. Nice game.

1 decade ago by gort

This is one of the only games I have seen that do a good job with movement and mouse controlled shooting. PLEASE let me know how you did it! By the way I've made 4 games so far and am working on another one that badly needs mouse controlled shooting, but i can't seem to figure it out!

1 decade ago by c0nfus3d1

The controls had me for a bit. I kept thinking "UP" was forward, but it always went UP- no matter my direction. But cool game! Like power ups and everything!
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