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1 decade ago by nefD

Pipewalk is a puzzle game where you try to supply green ooze to every pipe tile on the board, connecting them to adjacent tiles by rotating them with the mouse. It's meant to be a somewhat casual, addictive brain teaser, akin to minesweeper.

* Options menu for toggling various effects to increase performance
* Settings are saved to your browser and automatically loaded on each visit
* Three difficulty settings, each providing a larger board
* Persistent high score list for tracking your fastest times
* Soothing, procedurally generated background effect
* Cool victory animation for completing a board

Any feedback, comments or critiques welcome!


1 decade ago by Ken

Another great job nefD! I really like the game, it's fun to play and the graphics are solid as well. Thanks for sharing.

1 decade ago by Yu

Where's the 'like' button? :)

1 decade ago by MikeL

Very nice once again nefD. Very original concept. Graphics are nice, animations are smooth. I like the menus. I still haven't wrapped my head around the best strategy to get that ooze moving quickly. That only makes me want to go back and play it again!

1 decade ago by fugufish

awesome game +100

1 decade ago by nefD

Thanks much for the kind words everyone! I'm going to be releasing an update soon to add a few features that didn't initially make it in. Namely, a high score list for each difficulty mode. This is actually already being tracked, its just not being displayed anywhere.

1 decade ago by nefD

Just posted an update. There is now a high score list which is saved to your browser between visits. It can be accessed by pressing the button with the star icon at the top. Your high scores from previous games were being tracked, as stated previously, so they will appear here as well!

1 decade ago by Surreal5335

Great job! Would be willing to provide the source code or point me in a direction to resources on building a puzzle/chess like game? All I am seeing for tutorials so far is Mario spin offs and similar. Thanks a lot
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