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1 decade ago by FelipeA


I'm realy newbie on game development.

I want to know what the best IDE to use Impact.js Framework to begin programming HTML5 games. I'm using Windows 7.

Please, help me!

1 decade ago by matthewjames

I just use Sublime Text. Amazing editor with amazing features and good syntaxt highlighting.

1 decade ago by stillen

Sublime is really good and its very easily customized to fit your needs. I hate jumping back to xcode when doing iPhone updates.

If you are new to impact, this is also helpful along with the JS highlights:

It's not perfect, but it's a good helper for getting started.

1 decade ago by drhayes

Hey stillen!

I started the sublime-impactjs plugin and then got sidetracked by other stuff. Do you have specific complaints or feature requests?

1 decade ago by Graphikos

+1 Sublime Text

1 decade ago by Joncom

I recommend Sublime Text as well.
Noticing a trend here, lol...

1 decade ago by stillen


Snippets and some basic templates for when starting an entity.

It'd be great to have the auto complete work without needing to jump back to the docs, though I'm not sure how updated they are either at times.

What would be really cool, would be if it could detect the level.js and format the json array similar to how they are laid out in the Docs, making it easier to edit parameters without having to load up the level editor.

I doubt that would be needed for most, but sometimes its easier to fine tune just opening up that file.

Figured if you wanted a wish list, might as well go big with it!

1 decade ago by Jaha

Ive been using the open source Adobe Brackets IDE and am really liking it. Plus it's super easy to extend via javascript, since it's built using HTML5 and Javascript. Still has a little way to go but has pretty much everything you need.

1 decade ago by matthewjames

How does one use the sublime-impactjs you have on github?

1 decade ago by diligent

I like to use notepad++

1 decade ago by mimik

+ Sublime Text with buildscripts

1 decade ago by drhayes

I'm just now realizing how sucky the README is for impactjs-sublime. Whoops.

Check out out the ige snippet. It tries to make an Entity for you. Is that working for you? Do you need a smarter snippet than that?

The ige snippet doesn't currently let you specify the parents 'cuz I tend to have short inheritance chains on my entities. That'd be easy to change, though.

There's also a igm snippet that specifies a module. It doesn't try to do anything smart with the module name, making you fill it out. When I wrote this snippet for TextMate I had some accompanying Python code that figured it out but it was kinda fragile so I left it out of this version.

Auto-complete should work, at least for entities and keys. Try hitting CTRL+SPACE when typing something in an entity..? If not, yup, that's a bug. I don't have completions for the rest of the API, though.

Format the JSON array: try the Pretty JSON package (install it through Package Control). Something like that? I bet Pretty JSON is open source so I might be able to incorporate something like that, auto-detecting when you're in a Level*.js file or something.

And, yeah, keep the feature requests coming. I got it to the point where it was most useful for me then stopped, not sure if anyone else was actually using it. ( =

matthewjames: First, install Package Control (which should really just be a part of Sublime Text). Here are the install instructions.

Once Package Control is installed you can use it to install Sublime packages from within Sublime itself. In Sublime on my Mac I hit CMD+SHIFT+P, type "install" and "Package Control: Install Package" comes up. Package Control downloads a list of packages that it knows about and you can search for "ImpactJS" in that list. Should install no problem.

After that, when you're editing an ImpactJS file in Sublime you have to set the syntax to "ImpactJS". On the Mac, hit CMD+SHIFT+P then type "setsyntaximpact" and it should work once the package is installed.

8 years ago by clod

My choice is Codelobster:
It has great help and autocomplete for many popular languages and frameworks.
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