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1 decade ago by tnach

I'm looking to integrate Facebook into an Ios app how zynga currently does it with wordswithfriends etc.... so that players can play with their friends. Is this possible using this framework or do I need to go native for that type of stuff.

1 decade ago by dominic

If you use PhoneGap or a similar framework to bring your game on the iPhone, you can use Facebooks JavaScript API.

iOSImpact however does not have any networking functionality built in, so you'll have to write you own in Objective-C.

9 years ago by dungeonmaster

Has anything changed in the past 2 years?

Is it possible to use facebook from an impactjs+ejecta game like candy crush does?

9 years ago by Joncom

Here shows that XMLHttpRequest is supported, so you should be able to communicate with a Facebook API that way.

9 years ago by dungeonmaster

Can I just use the facebook SDK for Javascript functions like FB.login() etc..? Or should I write everything from scratch?

9 years ago by stillen

I tried including the older FB SDK and it tried making an iframe, and cause the page to keep reloading, so I would look into doing a more custom solution. The FB default login also tries to open a new window, and that will not work with ejecta without some major rewriting.

9 years ago by Joncom

If it were me, I'd just use XMLHttpRequest and the Facebook Graph API.

9 years ago by dungeonmaster

So, if it were you Joncom, how would you wrote a very basic piece of code to "login" to Facebook using XMLHttpRequest?

P.S.: Well, I'm trying my chances here, you can't blame me for that :)

9 years ago by dungeonmaster

Hello again,

So as far as I understood from graph api documentation, I can do any action using JavaScript and XMLHttpRequest. So basically it's not a big problem.

However, to use that, I first need this precious "access token". And this can only be requested by making a "facebook login". To make afacebook login, there are three ways:
* iOS SDK * Android SDK *Web SDK

Obviously, I need to use the Web SDK. But for this to function correctly, it needs a functioning web-browser environment, which Ejecta doesn't have (fully).

So I'm still stuck. Any ideas?

9 years ago by stillen

What's the timeline on your game?

I've been looking into hacking FB into my Ejecta game, and have been able to actually post to FB from the game by showing a new view over the game. I'm looking into a way to expose the access token to the ejecta app, then if possible to expose it to impact. While this sounds all good in theory, I'm not sure if it can actually happen and it involved registering everywhere, iTunes Connect, FB, FB App Center.

This all would take a lot of rewriting/additions to ejecta, but I find the challenge interesting. From getting the access token, I'm assuming you could then write your own code to multiple etc, but you could have to have two different version of authorizing, one for the app and one for local testing, so ejecta wouldn't be present.

9 years ago by dungeonmaster


Actually the game is pretty much complete, but I can always publish without FB support, although this would break virality I'm counting on. I was thinking to add the level unlock feature with help from friends as in candy crush saga.

What I have in mind now is to use game-center at least for score keeping and at least in the game centre there is facebook like option, if I remember correctly.

By the way, I'd like to support you if you like. Unfortunately I don't have any objective-c knowledge, but I can try to help on the javascript side. Or at least do some testing etc..

8 years ago by wrondon

Would be possible to use the native Facebook app the same way there is for Phonegap?

8 years ago by dungeonmaster

PhoneGap api is exactly the thing needed for Ejecta. I don't have a clue on how to use the Facebook app from within Ejecta however.

8 years ago by wrondon

I was looking for something and I ended up found this plugin:

Its description is the follow:
WizCanvas allows a developer to create a ultra-performant native canvas component. The view is based on the Ejecta framework and has WebGL support.

So, maybe, we could have a PhoneGap/Cordova project and install this plugin to take place of Ejecta. But it's important to say that a version of Ejecta is contained inside the wizCanvas. In light of this, you need to update your Plugins' Ejecta Files when some important update is released.

Another important point: The last commit date of this project is March 20th. A little idle.

But, anyway, I will try to do it. It's really important to me (and mainly for my game's users) to use the Facebook Native App.
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