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1 decade ago by Envoy


Was playing around rotating my entity today and noticed that the collision box was never getting updated -- it stayed the same orientation regardless of how my entity was painting based on its rotation.

Is this a known issue? Do I need to call something else to get the collision box to update?

Please advise,

1 decade ago by dominic

In Impact collision boxes are always axis aligned. Rotation is a purely visual effect. That's why angle is a property of ig.Animation, not ig.Entity.

You can use the Box2D plugin if you really need accurate physics and rotated entities. Box2D isn't easy though.

1 decade ago by Envoy

I was afraid of that. Box2d was kicking my butt something fierce yesterday. Back to the drawing board I suppose.

1 decade ago by DanT

Dealing with this issue right now. I have a top down game with a main entity that is a rect. So wall collisions weren't working well when going east/west direction. What I think will work for me is to dynamically set the size / offset in Update based on angle.

1 decade ago by lazer

DanT, are you making a top-down RPG type game? If so, why not make the collision rectangle just a box the size of the feet?

1 decade ago by DaveVoyles

I ran into this same issue today. I've been working with Impact for nearly a year now, and just realized that rotation is base on the animation, and not the entity itself. Odd.
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