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1 decade ago by coreysnyder

I'm working on a new iPad game using Impact Engine of course! I am planning on using all retina-quality graphics vs low res graphics scaled up to size. Has anyone else attempted this? Any roadblocks? I wanted to find out before I pay an artist to turn out a ton of high-res graphics that I'm not going to be able to even use b/c of performance issues.

1 decade ago by amadeus

Depends on the type of graphics you are going for. If you are going for more pixellated type artwork, then you can have it scale up sharply for a retina display without needing to have it re-drawn.

However, if you are doing something more artistic, then it will require assets to be scaled up, and depending on whether you use Ejecta or not, you may have to worry about performance implications.

But remember the mantra, don't pre-maturely optimize.

1 decade ago by Graphikos

Ejecta, and more specifically the Next branch of Ejecta, has been handling retina quite well. Here is a screenshot directly from the iPhone 5 of my current iOS project. This has a good combination of both vector/api draws and high resolution bitmaps. iOS outperforms my desktop browser.

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1 decade ago by diligent

What's the name of your game? It looks awesome!

1 decade ago by Graphikos

It's a game for but I probably won't finish it on time so I'll have to count for February or something. It's based on my larger, long-term project, a MMO called "Galaxis Online". This is more a mini game which I've been calling "Galaxis: Battle to the CORE".

Should be available on the iOS app store soon! (I hope!)

1 decade ago by SlouchCouch

dude that looks really cool. also i commend you for making a canvas menu that looks that good, cuz i hate making menus.

1 decade ago by drhayes

Ditto; this looks awesome. I love the art style.

1 decade ago by vincentpiel

Best way to go is to use vector graphics : the html5 standard format SVG.
All vectorial draw software can export in this format, you can also find editors/converters on the net.
With a file well below 100ko, you have perfect graphics at all resolutions.
Use a HTMLHttpRequest to load the file, and add it to the resource to have them handled by the loader.
Since drawing svg is slow, you must cache them within a canvas.
The result is surprising.

1 decade ago by coreysnyder

@Graphicos that looks sick. Nice work!

One if the biggest Issues I'm running into is that the retina iPad is 2048-by-1536. That's larger than the screen I do development on without the possibility of increasing it to that size. Since impactJS doesn't offer the ability to use a scale value of .5 or anything less than 1, it makes development very tough. Anyone else figure out how to deal with this problem?
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