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1 decade ago by motoko


¿Is there any good tutorial for any IDE where the autocomplete options are well explained?
¿What IDE's do you use?

I have been using eclipse, but I have been unable to configure the style and autocompletion rules properly...

It would be nice that the IDE had the ability to integrate with a svn...

1 decade ago by Graphikos

Not an IDE in the strictest sense... but Sublime Text 2 is the best editor I've come across recently. I believe it has both git and svn plugins available.

1 decade ago by erfuller

I'm using Webstorm at the moment, 50$ (30 day free trial), but feels like a normal eclipse type IDE in terms of things like autocomplete, which seems to be missing in most Javascript editors.

Also, use github and don't waste time with plugins and integrated whatchamajigs, they get worse all the time. I personally hate command line, so make a couple command line batches for easy commit/push and pull and move on with your life. Knowing how to use these types of tools by hand helps alot in the long run, and github is about as simple as it gets.

Once you get a repo setup, this is what I use 99% of the time.

git pull origin master

git commit -a -m 'default message'
git push -u origin master

1 decade ago by Joncom

I use ActiveState Komodo IDE 6.1, which is the best IDE I've ever used. It has auto-completion and displays function documentation while typing (in PHP, JS, you name it).

Although recently I saw Graphikos using Sublime... it looks slick, and I might just have to try it out.

1 decade ago by quidmonkey

Another vote for Sublime Text 2. While the latest version of Komodo Edit is fast, it's overkill for what you need.

1 decade ago by Datamosh

Sublime Text 2 +1k

This is a good article to start using Sublime Text 2:

worthwhile use a whole day and never open the rest of the editors.

1 decade ago by Ashkettle

Sublime Text 2 all the way. I was using KomodoEdit (not the full IDE) and where it had all the features I could want, it was a resource pig.

1 decade ago by motoko

First of all, thank you for taking the time for all the responses.

I used eclipse for j2ee development and for some php (cake) projects too, but i felt it was too heavy load for a game development. I also tried Komodo, i can't tell why... but i finally returned to eclipse...

I will try sublime text and tell you the results.

Thanks again!

1 decade ago by motoko

Hi again,

I have been testing sublime text2, i'm very pleased but i miss one thing.

As I started working some years ago, I used ecplipse with the cvs module for version control. It was very easy to commit, update, merge, compare two or three old file versions, see who did each commit and what changes where introduced, etc.

I have installed Tortoise plugin in sublime text 2, but... well it makes it someway easier but it's very primitive comparing it to the one i was used to work with...

Is there any good plugin for sublime text that organizes the files in folder/files trees with icons on each file for it's status (modified, synched, taken...) that allows comparing each version of the file in sublime text 2... well something like cvs+eclipse...

1 decade ago by Graphikos

Perhaps ask on their forum.

1 decade ago by Heiko

Has anybody used vim support in both Komodo and Sublime.

I'm currently switching between gVIM and Komodo, but Komodo's VIM support is limited.

Anybody know if sublime has better VIM support than Komodo ?
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