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1 decade ago by amat


This is the first game I'm developing with impact. At the moment I have a demo with three screens. I hope to finish soon.


1 decade ago by Graphikos

Very well done. Graphics and game play are excellent. Feel free to add it to ;)


1 decade ago by ryan

I like it. Great music/sounds!

1 decade ago by delly

This is awesome !

If i could give some feedback:
- at first i never know that you have to shoot the bookshelves to get the old book to proceed to next level, i thought the demo is over since you said it's only 3 screen.
Maybe give player a hint with "sparkling" or something

- I never know that to scroll the dialog you have to use down arrow, i try any standard key like Enter, Space, "z", ESC, but the dialog doesn't change, i accidently press down arrow and it scrolls.

- i just realized that you can only shoot when you're standing still, is this by design ?
would be useful if you can avoid enemy while shooting them at the same time, but i can understand if you design it this way.

- i thought the blinking/invisible state when you get hurt is over a bit too fast, sometimes i barely escape enemy this way, they at least consume 2 health when i try to get away from them.

- i wish you can put some kind of collision on a hole instead of hurting you :P

1 decade ago by amat

Thanks for the feedback everyone!

delly: Excellent suggestions! I noticed about the book and I am going to follow your advice with the sparkles. Good point.

Cheers :)

1 decade ago by quidmonkey

This is awesome! Love the theme.

1 decade ago by dominic

Looks very polished already. I love the style and atmosphere!

As mentioned by delly, being able to shoot while walking would be nice - or make the shooting have a higher priority, so that you stop walking for a short while when you press the shoot button.

This may also be by design, but I think the game would feel more "fluent" if you could move diagonally.

Thanks for using the Impact Splash Loader :)

1 decade ago by yatayata

this is cool!

some of the levels (hidden room on second level) have like slightly darker corners... is that done with an overlay? or is the whole room one big map?

i love the snakes that change direction when you shoot them - directly lines up with the players strategy for attacking them. it would be great if there was a library somewhere for these types of behaviors... they make the levels come alive.

might be nice to use box2d and have some caskets you can push out of the way

the dialogs showing text at the bottom are cool - is that a plugin (hint hint!)

the flowers tend to get stuck when you hide around a corner and spass out

i discovered the book by accident in one level.
now i've reached the level with the hazy barrier and two green screens, but can:t progress any further. before spending time trying to figure it out - is this the end of the demo or is there progress beyond that?!

great start to a fun game, but i guess creating level content is going to be a lot of work!


1 decade ago by fugufish

@amat very nice work! how long did it take you to publish the game ( from first line of code) ?

1 decade ago by gxxaxx

Very nice Amat. Takes me back to the fun I had with Zelda III.

Good deal of effort in the details. Look forward to more of the game.

1 decade ago by amat

I'm glad you liked it!

Yes, as delly and dominic said, I'm going to change the shooting option so that the
character can shoot and walk simultaneously. I think on the whole it will look far
smoother. The character's movement is something I won't change as I like the
rpg vintage appearance it gives to the game.

yatayata: True, the screens are a large image in *.jpg ensambled and worked on previously in an image editor.

The writing machine effect is a plugin I wrote using notificationManager from Jxyzzy as a reference. It's far from perfect but it works marvellousy for my game. This is the link in case you want to take a look:

fugufish: The demo has taken me a month to develop, taking into
account that I've also been working on another game (Dungeon
Memory) which I intend to finish and will upload at the end of the week.

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