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1 decade ago by Naitsab

Do you need an external script editor, or is it build in?

1 decade ago by Jerczu

Yes you do need an IDE.

1 decade ago by Ashkettle

IDE is a bit of an overstatement. Any text editor will do. Pretty much any browser will have all the debug tools you could want, especially given the extras that IMPACT gives you already.

I was using Komodo Edit (which is used by a lot of us here), but have recently switched to SublimeText2 because it's more lightweight.

There are a ton of good text editors for every OS that will give you all you need and/or desire.

1 decade ago by Jerczu

IDE as in Indegrated Development Environment... pretty much any code editor would be under this category I would think.

Over the years I used jEdit, Eclipse, Notepad+, Aptana Studio, Dreamweaver, CodeLobster and for the last 2.5 years I use the Komodo Edit and I personally can recommend this one hasn't found any better to this moment (Well maybe except the full commercial Komodo but its quite expensive)

1 decade ago by Ashkettle

That is my point Jerczu, a code editor is not an IDE by definition. The full Komodo is an IDE, but Komodo Edit is not. To be an IDE, you need to have integrated debugging and running of code in the environment. Aptana Studio is an IDE for Javascript. Textmate, Notepad++, SublimeText...these are text editors.

For Javascript, given the nice tools offered in browsers for debugging, an IDE is not necessary and in fact, I think it has too much overhead to be worth the effort. I'd much rather use a lightweight text editor (with some features like auto-complete, snippets and code folding) and do my debugging with the browser tools. It seems that you also have moved into that direction.

That's why I said an IDE is overkill.

9 years ago by clod

I use and suggest Codelobster

9 years ago by diligent

I'm quite fond of Notepad+

9 years ago by Rungo73

I been happy with Sublime 2.

@drhayes has these which I use too..

9 years ago by drhayes

Hey, I don't use Sublime anymore so development has stopped on that plugin.

That said, if there's something you need I'm more than happy to add it/work on it. I'm just less aware of any problems it currently has.

9 years ago by Joncom

@drhayes, what are you using these days?

9 years ago by drhayes

Atom. But not without significant reservations.

Cons first:

It can't open large files. Large, here, being around 2 megs... embarrassing, since vi and emacs have been able to open larger files than that for like 40 years. Way bigger, with plugins.

It's slower than Sublime, being a WebKit browser running HTML/CSS/JS/Coffee rather than native. It's way faster than it used to be -- but still, occasionally, noticeably slower than Sublime, not just millis slower.


It's free. Download it here.

Ignores everything specified in your .gitignore when doing the quickfind thing that Sublime and Atom both do (on a Mac, CMD+P). Very nice, apparently nearly impossible to do in Sublime.

Package development is WAY more sane, easier to do. Might not matter for people who don't write packages... until the package developers start writing kickass packages for Atom instead of Sublime because of it.

It can open images native. As in, you can just open the image in Atom to look at it. VERY handy to count sprite frames, etc.

When you do a "Find All", the list updates as you change things live.

With packages you get other stuff: color pickers that let you pick in the editor like you would in a paint program, graphically. Package that will find every TODO/HACK/FIXME in your project and display in a list so you can fix.

And, of course, my own atom-impactjs plugin I'd love people to try. ( =

I'm a little torn. The .gitignore thing is a killer, though, and keeps me coming back.

9 years ago by Apiheld

@drhayes: Have you tried Lighttable?

9 years ago by Joncom

@drhayes: Thanks for that. Been hearing about Atom, and it's seemed very interesting, especially since it seems to be similar to Sublime in many ways. And, being open source, and made more recently, it seems logical that it should have some advantages over Sublime. Good to hear about both the pros and cons.
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