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Little Big Mansion

 by Krisjet
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10 years ago by Krisjet

Hi guys, I recently entered this game design compo in Norway, and my game made it to the finals.

Here's a link to the final prototype:

There are 10 levels, with a twist on the mechanic at level 6. I would highly recommend not giving up until then :P

Tell me what you think :)

10 years ago by machiavelli

Great idea and implementation. The game mechanic is very original. Looking forward for the final version :)

10 years ago by drailing

very nice, really enjoyed your game!

10 years ago by svenanders

Good concept!

10 years ago by Ollie

Really original idea and a fantastic game! I liked it when everything went dark and rainy.

10 years ago by drhayes

Okay, wow. I am such a tremendous fan of this game! The mechanic was innovative, and the levels' puzzles kept taking it to the next level over and over again. The way they progressed felt very much like Braid: find an interesting mechanic and explore it in lots of different ways.

Really, huge fan. Boss fight was fun, too!

10 years ago by unstoppableCarl

This is quite brilliant. Its nice to see fresh concepts. very well executed with simple quality graphics.

10 years ago by Krisjet

Wow, thanks a lot for all the praise!
It really means a lot to me. This game took a lot out of me, and this competition was pretty exhausting, but I really feel like making a "finished" version, especially after hearing this from you guys :)

Being compared to Braid is incredibly humbling, if my final product explores the "size switching" mechanic half as well as Blow explored the concept of time I would be very happy :)

I forgot to say that the theme we got to work with was "size matters". The idea for this game came from looking at how to limit the players ability to change the sizes of items in the world. Generally I find that limitations make for more interesting puzzles than many options, so I wanted to give the player some interesting restrictions. The player character is therefore pretty inept at usual platforming stuff, he can't jump very high or climb stuff, and has to rely on his ability to change the environment to get around.

I will post here again when I find some time to finish the game properly :)

10 years ago by aarocka

This is fantastic

10 years ago by Joncom

Fun little puzzle game :)

10 years ago by quidmonkey

Love it! Please make more! I played all 10 levels this morning at work in one sitting.

10 years ago by drhayes

Hey, did you modify Weltmeister to support level settings?

10 years ago by Krisjet

No, I haven't done that actually. Instead I did a Unity approach, and just added an entity in the level with the characteristics I needed. The rain scene for example has a rain entity that spawns rain and it also has a thunder entity that modifies the background sprite sheet a bit, and plays the thunder sound at irregular intervals.

It actually seems a lot cleaner this way, in my mind. You can separate out code that isn't used much and put it in these entities, instead of having a "thunder: bool" in your level, and having the thunder code in your main-file or whatever.

10 years ago by Ollie

I've just seen your game on the mighty Rock Paper Shotgun

Congratulations, I dream of such publicity!

10 years ago by Graphikos


It got a little buggy when objects get stacked on top of each other. Made it difficult to continue. Seems the only time this would happen is if you drop the key on top of something.

10 years ago by Krisjet

Hmm, yeah, thanks for telling me! The key is definitely one of the least finalized ideas. Will have to make sure that stuff doesn't grow and shrink so they end up inside each other for example.

10 years ago by lachsen

This is awesome!
Great game concept and very nice execution!
The puzzles were just right, not too easy or difficult.
I was really surprised when you were able to shrink together with the objects.

I also loved the main character design with top hat.
Great stuff, really!

10 years ago by coreysnyder

@Krisjet Great work! I found the moving around portion to be a bit weird. I'd like to see that smoothed out a bit.

In the rain level the rain seems to show up to the right of the platform top, so it caused me to fall of many ledges thinking I had "just one more step before I had to jump". I almost gave up at that first rain level because I was getting frustrated by that. I'm sure you want to make your game challenging, but probably not like that.

The boss level was awesome. I like how swapping the ghost guy w/ a smaller block not only attacked the boss, but also made it harder to move around in the bottom area. It made the boss get harder as the fight went on which makes it way more fun then just waiting for the ghost to show up 3 times and its over.

Overall awesome game. Excited to see more levels.

10 years ago by Krisjet

Just posted a comparison shot of the old and new version of Little Big Mansion here:

In crunch mode right now, but there might be some more news this weekend :)

10 years ago by Krisjet

Little Big Mansion will be featured in an exhibition in Tel Aviv:

There will be 10 platforming games on display and the game is in great company, among the other games are Fez, Canabalt and Thomas Was Alone. This will be the first time we're displaying the new version with updated graphics! If anyone is in the area it would be cool if you dropped by, I'm flying down and will be there to hold a short talk on the 18th.

10 years ago by DanielGray

Brilliant game, also really loving the music.

10 years ago by stahlmanDesign

Very creative once I figured out how to play. Good use of sound too.

Even with the instructions, I didn't understand I had to click the boxes to swap them. The first level could be a very quick tutorial level with popup text telling you exactly what to do. After that, the player gets it.

8 years ago by Krisjet

We just launched our Greenlight campaign for Little Big Mansion!

The game has come along way since it's early prototype days and it will be out very soon! Every vote counts, and I would very much appreciate any help we can get. Thanks a bunch guys!

8 years ago by copman

Great game, you've my vote !

8 years ago by drhayes

Awesome, voted. Looking forward to it.

Is it still Impact under the covers? How did you manage the tweeny zooming? Two canvases?

Love how the art style has developed over the years.

8 years ago by fugufish

love the game! Very original.

Also upvoted on Greenlight. Hope you make it!

8 years ago by Krisjet

Hi guys, thanks for the votes!
It's still Impact underneath. The zooming is actually only done in the video not in the game, but I have done a similar zoom in a different project. Do something like this in the draw-function in your main, where the scaleFactor is how much you're zooming.;
var scaleFactor = this.scaleFactor;
var newWidth = ig.system.width * scaleFactor;
var newHeight = ig.system.height * scaleFactor;
ig.system.context.translate( -(newWidth - ig.system.width)/2*ig.system.scale, -(newHeight - ig.system.height)/2*ig.system.scale );
ig.system.context.scale( scaleFactor, scaleFactor );

This solution only really handles zooming in, you can't zoom further out than your original resolution.

Glad you like the new art!

8 years ago by Krisjet

Little Big Mansion was Greenlit last night! Wohoo!

8 years ago by drhayes

Congratulations! Little Big Mansions totally deserves it.

When can I buy it?

7 years ago by leanhnam220

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