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10 years ago by stahlmanDesign

Cool, a 2.5D plugin in Impact 1.24. This demo is just like Wolfenstein 3D from back in the day.

Each new update of Impact gets me interested again and I go and update all the games that I never seem to finish…

10 years ago by Joncom

Haha. This is awesome. :)

10 years ago by FelipeBudinich

wait what? AWESOME :D

10 years ago by dominic

Btw., the "TwoPointFive" plugin is a cleaned up version of the technology behind my game Xibalba.

I still have to write some more documentation for TwoPointFive, but I hope the included example game will be a good starting point already!

10 years ago by Apiheld

Neat. I always wondered what the screenshot was from that Ejecta 1.5 blog post. And: 2.5D headcrab ;) ? Funny.

10 years ago by dungeonmaster

Is it possible to remove the ceiling and put a nice sky ?

10 years ago by dominic

@dungeonmaster: there's nothing build in to draw a skybox, but it shouldn't be all too difficult. You can use the Game's `drawWorld()` method to draw the skybox before calling `this.parent()` to draw the rest.

8 years ago by lunarcloud

Okay, I'm just starting to attempt this and have done this:

drawWorld: function() {
//TODO draw a skybox
var background = new tpf.Quad(width, height);
background.setPosition(0, 0, 0)
background.setColor({r:0.05, g:0.1, b:0.3});


but... While it does draw the quad behind, it draws the ceiling on top of it still...
I'm gonna play with it, but if anyone has bright ideas, help is always appreciated.

Okay, it seems like I just need to make the quad twice as big in each direction.
I'd love to know why, but I can start with this.

8 years ago by lunarcloud

Okay, I'm having trouble trying to figure how to draw an image instead of a simple quad...

8 years ago by bleeinc

I too am trying to get a basic skybox implemented, just using a quad right now like your example code but the issue seems to be the it just stands up one vertical wall positioned off into the distance it only takes up about half of the map and when you turn around it's not there. Regardless of the size you make the quad it still only covers the about half the map when you turn a full 360 degrees. Did you get it working with just a quad? If so mind sharing the complete code for that? Thanks!

8 years ago by lunarcloud

I think I needed to make the quad bigger still when I looked at it on the phone (I'm supporting both 640 and 1024 widths with various aspect ratios)
I haven't tried a map without any ceiling, I only tested a hole in the roof, so to speak.
When I get back around to working on this issue, I'll make a map without a ceiling and try to get it all working.

8 years ago by lunarcloud

Okay, so I got it working without any parallax.
I'm sure I've gotta add something to the update() function to get parallax working.

In the game's init():

this.skyboxImage.width = screen.width;
this.skyboxImage.height = screen.height;
this.skyboxQuad = new tpf.HudTile( this.skyboxImage, 0, screen.width, screen.height);
this.skyboxQuad.setPosition(0, 0, 0);

And then added this to drawWorld():

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