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1 decade ago by stahlmanDesign

Wow, Construct 2 looks amazing.

1 decade ago by StuartTresadern

Cursor key control of entity placement in editor. Most the time I place the entity in the approx area and then change the position coordinates. But it would be nice to be able to simply use the cursor keys which would snap to the next scale pixel.

1 decade ago by quidmonkey

Select multiple entities at once using shift, as you can with map tiles.

1 decade ago by stahlmanDesign

Copy/paste entites to duplicate them. Or drag with option to create new copies.

1 decade ago by quidmonkey

Allow for Boolean key/value pairs in Weltmeister including Strings and Numbers.

1 decade ago by Zhang

I hope there could be an Android porter just like iOSImpact. As an iOS game developer that I'd really like to see if there could be a stable and fast enough cross-platform mobile game development solution. Though I'm not familiar with Java and Android SDK, but I think both of iOS and Android are included supports of OpenGL ES. In my company (small) we uses cocos2d as game framework. It works fine but we always stuck on how to ports the cocos2d projects to Android. We tired uses cocos2d-x + Android NDK + C++ but they doesn't seems works very well. And uses engine like Unity or UDK would cost too much. Javascript is great and it's fast enough to do many things, the problem is that HTML5 got a really terrible performance on Android. So, would be great if there could be an AndroidImpact that implementing the game logic from JS but rendering the textures on OpenGL, or ports the HTML5 canvas to Java canvas class. And I won't mind if I have to spend more money on it (if it works...)

1 decade ago by ape

I'd love to be able to control FPS similar to how FPS worked prior to 1.20.

Using requestAnimationFrame is great, but I just found myself in a position where I need the game timer to be as closely in sync as possible with a server timer.

There are ways around this, but having the ability to optionally set the framerate to a fixed rate would be great. For now, I'll just roll my own timer to do the job.

1 decade ago by fulvio

+1 for Retina support! (Really hoping this is something that's introduced)
+1 inApp payments iOSImpact support
+1 Game Center integration in iOSImpact
+1 for better iOSImpact support
+1 for Multiplayer

1 decade ago by quidmonkey

Sometimes in Weltmeister I have to put a bigger Entity on top of a smaller Entity. Unfortunately, once this happens, I can't click through the bigger Entity to select the smaller one. I have to move the bigger Entity first, then tweak the smaller one, then replace the bigger Entity. It's annoying.

1 decade ago by alexandre

+1 quidmonkey
Meanwhile I modified my weltmeister/edit-entities.js this way:
// new method
getEntitiesAt: function(x, y)
	var ents = [];
	for (var i=0; i<this.entities.length; i++)
		var ent = this.entities[i];
		if (ent.touches(this.selector))
	return ents;

selectEntityAt: function( x, y )
	this.selector.pos = { x: x, y: y };

	var ents = this.getEntitiesAt(x, y);
	var ent = null;
	if (this.selectedEntity == null && ents.length > 0)
		ent = ents[0];
	else if (this.selectedEntity && ents.length > 0)
		var i = ents.indexOf(this.selectedEntity);
		if (i != -1)
			ent = (i < ents.length-1) ? ents[i+1] : ents[0];

	if (ent)
		this.selector.offset = {x: (x - ent.pos.x + ent.offset.x), y: (y - ent.pos.y + ent.offset.y)};
		this.selectEntity( ent );
		this.wasSelectedOnScaleBorder = this.isOnScaleBorder( ent, this.selector );
		return ent;
		this.selectEntity( null );
		return false;

1 decade ago by peardox

Chrome compatibility for a downloadable would be great

If you don't get this comment try opening a game from the local file system rather than your local webserver - e.g. file:///C:/work/miner/index.html

This is get-around-able by adding --allow-file-access-from-files to your Chrome startup on a desktop but useless on Android

My best solution to this issue ATM is a local web server as it removes the CORS issues

1 decade ago by quidmonkey

Quote from alexandre
+1 quidmonkey
Meanwhile I modified my weltmeister/edit-entities.js this way:

This code is awesome! Thanks a bunch alexandre.

1 decade ago by ArcadeHype

A quick way of creating title screen menu buttons would be a great addition and time saver for developers. Z-Type uses a menu.js class but i dont where to find it :[

1 decade ago by inkajoo

Thanks alexandre, this works awesome. Glad someone posted something that works. I like how you can still select things behind what is selected if you click on it again.

1 decade ago by alexandre

I think the changes I made were included in the latest impact update (1.21), per dominic's changes manifest. Haven't tested them yet on my side but assume same functionality is therefore now inherent to 1.21, i.e., no need to tweak wm anymore.

1 decade ago by MichaelB

I guess my most wanted feature is the possibility to use the TMX format.
So far, I'm using TMX with a little ruby importer that translates it to the impactjs format.

Unfortunately the impactjs format stops me from using some advanced features of TMX like: multiple tilesets by layer, flipped tiles.

Tell me if I'm wrong but whats very limiting here is that in the impactjs format you have metadatas by layer whereas in TMX there's metadatas by tile.

1 decade ago by netmute

Out of the box pixel perfect collision detection would be really nice.

1 decade ago by Silent

I would love to see some more powerful tile editing features.
I think there should be an eraser tool that you can select(because every time I want to erase a tile I have to shift-click somewhere outside of my layer so I will select an empty tile and paint with it.)

Another good idea is to implement a bucket fill like in Tiled - you select a tile and then select an empty area, and it will fill it for you.

Finally, randomization - it's a known fact that continuous tiles are boring, so we have some random details that we have to add manually(cracks, dirts, holes, whatever). It would be nice if we could select a main tile and then select some secondary tiles that Weltmeister will randomize for us.

I forgot to mention entity/tile flipping in Weltmeister.

1 decade ago by amadeus

Silent: To 'erase' you can also just press spacebar and click anywhere off the tile map to get an empty tile. A bit easier than scrolling somewhere to an empty tile.

1 decade ago by Neeko

Forgive me if it was requested already, but I would love to see proper Gamepad API support included. From what I've gathered so far, the Gamepad API is one of the more volatile HTML5 drafts (browsers are constantly changing their support for it), but even just extending the Input class to include rudimentary Xbox360 & PS3 controller support for Chrome & Firefox would be great.

1 decade ago by norashishi

I personally don't like the name "parent" to access the super class.


It could be used for a container system like group.children and child.parent if it's not reserved by impact. So I prefer impact to use this.super() or something else if it's possible.

1 decade ago by Huy

More than anything, I just hope that previous impact projects that use mostly only core impact stuff don't break entirely so that they can make use of these features.

1 decade ago by ansimuz

Gamepad api support included please. Impact is great for platformers games and gamepads are necessary to play this genre.
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